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Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall began her career as a journalist with the Wyoming Eagle in Cheyenne. During her 20 year banking career, she wrote extensively for The American Banker, Bank Marketing Magazine, Trust Marketing Magazine, and other major industry publications. The American Bankers Association (ABA) published Barnewall’s Profitable Private Banking: the Complete Blueprint, in 1987. She taught private banking at Colorado University for the ABA and trained private bankers in Singapore.

Tuesday, June 08, 2021



By Marilyn M. Barnewall

Some questions and answers about how to define words are made in good humor – like: Define a liar. Answer: A Democrat whose lips are moving.

Most Democrats don’t see the humor in that. The interesting thing is, Democrats say the same about Republicans with no hint of humor. They say it in all seriousness and think nothing of it.

Arrogance is blind (theirs and ours). We can only see that which our minds conceive and believe. I learned that many years ago while working for W. Clement Stone’s Combined Insurance Company.

Too many of us talk without being understood. We say a word with total assurance that listeners understand because we know what we’re saying... or think we do But the NEW NOW and the abbreviations so popular in text messages have, with no one’s permission or acceptance, changed the meaning of many words. Too, the media has had a very negative impact as they seek to sell narratives (many of them fake) rather than report news.

The following are my personal definitions of some oft used statements and are based on fact and logic, not emotion. Whenever I use these words, you will know precisely what I mean. That, by the way, is one basic meaning of the word “transparency” – a word we hear so often during political discussions. It is access to a clear vision of things.

QUESTION: What is a mistake? How do you know if something is a plan rather than a coincidence or a mistake?

ANSWER: Consistency (which is defined as being in agreement, in harmony, regular, etc.).

When someone says or does something consistently, it’s because what was said or done is a belief or part of a real plan. Consistency or lack of it is rarely “coincidence.” When Joe Biden says he’s for fracking (in front of an audience dependent on oil for their jobs) and then says he opposes fracking (in front of a pro-Green crowd), one of the two statements is untrue. It’s an inconsistency and prevents a clear vision of his meaning. When a person consistently says the same thing, it is because they have a plan. It may be a good plan, it may be a bad plan – but it’s not a lie.

An example of a consistent bad plan is when all members of the media use the same terminology in their reporting. It is not coincidence; it is a plan. It is fulfilling their commitment to a Hate Trump narrative. How many times do we hear everyone from Don Lemon at CNN to Joe Scarborough at MSNBC and everyone in-between at CBS, ABC, NBC, and other broadcasters use the same word when describing an anti-Trump activity about which they report?

Words like “Trump made racist comments at Charlottesville” (which is untrue) or “he supports white supremacist radicals” (which is untrue) or whatever he is doing is “horrifying” or “motivating fear” or “exposes his hatred” are used... over and over again.

The same adjectives and nouns come out of all of their mouths within the same 24-hour “news” cycle. That is an example of a narrative... a story they want you to believe and so they coordinate their words very carefully.

Saying the same words over and over again equates to brainwashing. They want you to absorb the word "racist" (or horrifying or hatred) with the word "Trump". They have been consistent in this effort for almost four years. It is part of their plan. I call it the Charlie McCarthy effect. For those who do not know, Charlie McCarthy was a dummy that sat on the lap of ventriloquist Edgar Bergen, a popular radio show host in the 1940s.

QUESTION: How can any of us know if we are a white supremacist? How can we tell when someone else is a white supremacist?

ANSWER: There are two answers. Possibly three.

FIRST, there are a handful of idiots who believe white people are smarter than people of color. The Asians in American colleges have put a damper on that concept by rising to the top academically. But that doesn’t stop stupid people from their narrative. Donald Trump has, on numerous occasions, denied being a white supremacist. He lifelong behavior patterns support his denial.

You can tell how accurate this concept is by remembering who killed 6 million Jews (few of whom were dark skinned) because he believed in Aryan supremacy. The concept of an Aryan race did not originate with Adolph Hitler. It is a very interesting story that began in the 1500s and you can find it here.

The media uses the words “white supremacist” almost synonymously with “racist”. The two words are quite different.

SECOND: If you live in a country where the population is dominantly white, you are a white supremacist. There are more of you than any other skin color. If you are black and live in Africa, you are a black supremacist because there are more blacks than whites or browns or yellows in Africa. If you live in China, you are a yellow supremacist for the same reason. If you live in Mexico, you are a brown supremacist – same reason. A white person in America is a supremacist because there are more of us than people of color.

Blacks make up about 18 percent of the 2020 population; Hispanics (legal/voters) 15 percent. Whites outnumber blacks and browns and yellows in America and thus control who gets elected to office. That means whites can control who gets elected to make our laws and set (or tries to set) our social standards. The superior number of whites makes all white people supremacists in America.

Is that something to be ashamed of? Is it something over which to destroy American cities? The next time you are called a white supremacist, just pity the person for their ignorance.

QUESTION: What is a racist? Is being a supremacist different from being a racist?

ANSWER: A man named Obama would never have been President of this country if white Americans were racists or supremacists because we make up 65 percent of all voters. If there was ever evidence that America is not a racist nation, the election of Barack Hussein Obama provides it. There are more whites than blacks and if whites were racists he would not have been elected. Since he was elected twice (consistency), it was no “coincidence.”

What is a racist?

A racist or anti-Semite is a bit of a psychopath... a person who lacks the empathy to walk in another’s shoes. Psychopaths have a narrative by which they live that is quite different from the narratives of normal people. All narratives, including those of normal people, are made up of numerous chapters or stories. Racists have a narrative. Their dominant story is that people must think, look and behave in a manner they, the racists, approve of or they are inferior people. Racism is a form of mental illness.

However, real honest-to-God racism is not what we hear described by our media or our politicians.

If you are white, it is okay to dislike someone if they are black. If you dislike them just because they are black, however, it is racist. AND, it is racist for a black person to dislike someone just because they are white. Either attitude is racist.

You either like someone or you don’t but race or skin color should have nothing to do with your likes or dislikes. If it does, you are probably a racist (and racists come in all sizes, from a tiny bit of racism to XXX). To radical blacks who shout at the top of their lungs that only whites can be racists because we are the dominant race in America, I refer them to my comments about white supremacists. You are talking about supremacy, not racism! But racism has a much nastier connotation and so you use it to achieve your ends.

Poverty has more to do with what is sold to the American public as racism than racism does. People tend to overlook the large number of white people who live in poverty. They often behave as if the status of poverty belongs exclusively to non-whites. It does not.

The last two generations of black and white poor children have been taught to believe they are victims, not people with the potential to turn a loser life into success. Who is teaching them such things? Remember my statement in the third paragraph? "We can only see that which our minds conceive and believe." Children taught to be victims will be victims regardless of color.

The teachers who work in minority schools -- especially elementary schools -- are specially trained and are responsible for that belief. The teachers are brainwashed to believe the lie that all black children in poor neighborhoods are lifelong victims. The narrative they have been taught makes teachers think they are being kind to educate the children to the realities of life... and victimhood is one choice any person of any color can make. You can equally choose not to be a victim. You may have to learn to be respectful to others and not wear your pants halfway down your butt, however it's your choice.

The system that not only allows but encourages this kind of indoctrination is at fault for the victimhood mentality that exists in America. It is a huge problem and a horribly racist mentality supports it. It happens to a lot of poor white and black children who attend inferior schools.

If they are shown love and are properly educated, there is not a black child who does not have the same potential to be as productively happy as any white or brown or yellow child. Too many of these children from all races come from single parent homes with mothers of all races. Many of those mothers are on welfare and have not learned self discipline. They have not been taught to respect the authority of other people... like the police. Thus, they cannot teach it to their children.

Anyone who thinks white parents don't have conversations with their kids like: "If you get pulled over by the police, put both of your hands on the steering wheel where they can be seen and do exactly as you are told" lives in a dream world.

QUESTION: What is black lives matter? Who founded it and who runs it? Is its purpose to promote a better life for black people?

In 2017, the co-founders of Black Lives Matter produced a report stating that the three co-founders of Black Lives Matter are avowed Marxists. More easily said: communists. The founders names are Alicia Garza, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, and Opal Tometi. If you take time to read that article, you will clearly see how uneducated Americans are in matters of race.

This is not a here today, gone tomorrow group (which will disappoint a lot of people who wait for the violence to stop so we can go back to yesterday’s woke zone). It is very well financed and is heavily associated with and supports the Democrat Party – which is why blue state Democrat politicians say nothing in opposition to them while their cities burn.

BLM’s primary objective is to promote communism/socialism. It raises huge amounts of money each year from capitalist-hating socialists in Hollywood, New York City, and the usual places committed to tearing down America.

They have no respect for the Constitution, the laws of the nation, law enforcement, are behind the Defund the Police campaign... but don’t yet appear to have yet figured out that without the police to protect them, they probably wouldn’t last long among well-armed conservatives.

The number of white faces who are involved in rioting – not protesting but rioting – and the number of teachers who join them, validate and verify what was said earlier in this article about teachers and young people being brainwashed by the brainwashed.

When you hear people talking about controversial issues, make sure you understand the language being used and what is really being said.

Our language – along with everything else (even our flu bugs)– has been weaponized. When those who use words as a weapon succeed, reality becomes a parody of itself.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Blood in the Streets is Not an Alternative

April 25, 2021

By Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall

One of the people I listen to when he speaks is Martin Armstrong at Armstrong Economics.  He and I usually agree.  He said it all this week:

“…The real issue here is that election fraud has reached new levels, and it is not limited to simply presidential candidates. The risk that this will be used in the 2022 election for Congress is highly likely, and if this is not addressed, it will only lead to blood in the streets.”

Martin Armstrong suffered greatly at the hands of the U.S. government.  Just as they tried to destroy Catherine Austin Fitts, they also attacked Armstrong. The man who in the 1980s and 90s had central bankers and politicians calling him for advice was removed from the memory banks of media sites.  “They” do that to you when you succeed at understanding their game and figure out ways around it.

If we let elected officials get by with “don’t worry about the election in 2022, we got it handled,” we need to be ready to say hello to the great re-set and we need to prepare for violence.

It is extremely important to inform our elected officials of what the public knows.  I expected a “Don’t worry about anything, we’ve got this handled” response – and that’s what I got.

Yes.  One person multiplied by a lot of other “one persons” can make a difference.  I invite you to join me.

You can make a difference and I hope the following material helps you in making a statement to your local officials to do update their voting files and find a computer system that doesn’t go on the internet to delete votes from one person while sending to another.  If you get results, I hope you’ll let me know.

We are at war.  Be a good soldier.  Understand that you may not be able to change your entire state, but you can make inroads locally.  That’s where to begin.


Dear Commissioner ___________:

There is little doubt – if any – that the 2020 election utilized fraudulent means to achieve pre-determined victories desired by powerful people representing the worlds of politics, corporations, media, health, climate control and those highly powerful members of the World Economic Forum who seek an international re-set of traditional monetary systems.

Strong proof – not just evidence, proof – exists to validate what I’ve stated above and it has been made public.  It also appears public officials choose to ignore it.

Almost all of the election problems focus on computers that are the product of Dominion… the computers used by ***** County (as well as most of the rest of the State of Colorado and many other states).

When you combine the above statements with the lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch against the State of Colorado for having voter records that are hugely inaccurate (and a follow-up research project by Dr. Douglas Frank, a professional analyst, showing ***** County’s records of registered voters exceed the number of qualified voters in the county), it is more than bothersome.  It suggests a lack of concern as to whether or not laws are obeyed.  Especially election laws.  Especially by elected officials whose job it is to ensure laws are obeyed.

I have heard nothing to indicate that anyone, including the County Commissioners and the County Clerk, are concerned or doing anything to make sure appropriate research is done on the voting machines we use, making sure they are not capable of being online at any time during an election, that computer keys are well checked/protected, and that appropriate updates are made to our registered voter files.  Voters must have confidence that elected officials are, indeed, the people for whom they voted, not people promoted by outside power seekers.

Please inform me of the work being done on these critical issues and let me know when I can expect to hear public statements about changes to be made… a return to paper ballots is one alternative.

It takes time to perform audits and to plan to sequester ballots for the 2022 election so good follow-up counting can occur.  I’d like to know how Colorado’s voter registrations got so far out of line in the first place to warrant a lawsuit by Judicial Watch.

I’d like to know why Broomfield County, CO was shown to have more votes in 2020 than it had registered voters.  It was publicized worldwide by Mike Lindell.  Statistics clearly show Lindell’s video was watched by more than 150 million viewers.  It is an embarrassment to the State and certainly does not give people a reason to trust their government, federal, state, or county.


It did not take long for a response from all three County Commissioners.  They are good people trying to do a difficult job and I believe they are not getting accurate information to help them make intelligent decisions.

I won’t suggest the mistakes don’t involve politics as they used to be.  But politics will never be what they used to be… never again.  Democrats figured that out and switched from their usual “liberal progressive” inch of progress at a time mode to their end objective:  Socialism and communism.  And it is being shoved down our throats as fast as they can.

It seems like Republicans think we will forget how an election was stolen from us.  Judges appear to believe the same.  We must let them know we won’t forget.  We will always remember that America is a great nation.  We will always remember that Americans need to come first in America.

None of them understand that President Donald J. Trump changed things for both parties.  He re-defined them.  He did it by not being a politician… he was a businessman and ran government like a business.  It caused Trump a great deal of pain and public humiliation.  He learned time after time that, with few exceptions, he could not trust anyone… not even his own vice president.  Ronald Reagan had the same problem but was more politically experienced than Trump.

Trump took credit for his victories and he was held responsible for the times his administration failed… even when it was the backstabbers, not him, who caused the failures – Fauci, for example.

Many people were bothered by his directness, his ego, his Tweets, etc.  But by and large, people loved him for his honesty and his willingness to be open with the people (regardless of whether they liked how he communicated).  And there is the rub.

So how did the County respond to my letter?  They gave me the old “I’ve asked about these things and have been assured our Dominion computers can’t go on the internet,” etc.  And how did I respond to their response?  It’s from that material you can arm yourself for a fight against naiveté and poorly informed or uncaring or dishonest elected officials.

We have three County Commissioners.  The morning after receiving my email, I had a response.  I had sent copies to the other two Commissioners and they, too, had responded saying they agreed with the Chairman of Commissioners who wrote the response.

I’ve removed personal names and the name of my county.  My purpose in writing this article is not to take a shot at anyone.  My purpose is to make sure all County Commissioners  everywhere have information about voting machines/computers and the damage they have done and will continue to do if we don’t do something about it.

Why did I expect this kind of response?  Because we have talented people serving as County Commissioners and I have waited since last November to hear news that my County is buying a computer system other than Dominion.

Like most people who are concerned about the 2020 election results, I follow this information and consider it a key issue.  You should, too.  If we don’t let elected officials know the truth, they may not have access to it.  If they do nothing because we do nothing, 2022’s election will look just like 2020’s election.

Also, as I alluded to above, politicians are politicians.  Republicans do not have any sense that we as voters are not going to willingly go back to how they have been running things. .. or not running things, depending on your view.

They think we will forget 2020 because we always have and we have remained loyal to “the party.”  I believe those days are over.


Dear Commissioner (Name):

Thank you very much for your fast response to my inquiry.  It is good to know that (County Clerk’s name), you and the other Commissioners support voters in their quest to have their votes counted -- only once.

I will add this statement, however.  I believe many representatives of the people are being deceived when it comes to Dominion Voting Systems.  Further, investigations which have been done – legitimate investigations – validate my belief.  I am confident that you and the other Commissioners make a daily effort to serve the people in the best way possible – but it is difficult to do if you are not getting accurate information on which to base important decisions.

With regard to your comments regarding Judicial Watch’s lawsuit and specifically what it said, please find a copy of the document that was filed in the courts attached.  That way, you are not dependent upon what people say about it but upon what it really says.

You are right that the census from 10 years ago was used as one of the factors to determine the eligible number of voters, but so were numerous other factors, including updated census data and voter registration versus votes, etc.

Here are some examples with links to the source used included:

Trump campaign lawyer urges probe into dominion at Colorado election integrity hearing (Source for the following.)

Former Republican Secretary of State Scott Gessler acknowledged flaws in Colorado’s voting system.

“There is a glaring security hole in Colorado’s signature verification requirements,” Gessler said, CBS reported. “So basically, because of sloppy voter rolls, we oftentimes send out ballots to ineligible voters, or dual ballots to voters, and someone can simply put a mark and pretend or come up with some type of illegible signature as a witness and that will be counted.” 


Colorado’s 2020 election results are also suspect. Biden’s numbers raise serious red flags and alleged turnout is more like Saddam’s Iraq than the us  (Source)

“In the 2016 Presidential election in Colorado, Hillary beat future President Trump with 1,339,000 votes to Trump’s 1,202,000 votes, a difference of approximately 137,000 votes.  Neither candidate won the majority of the votes with Hillary at 48% and Trump at 43%.  Libertarian Gary Johnson won 5% with 145,000 votes.  Voter turnout was 74%.

“Obama received 1,289,000 votes in Colorado in 2008 and 1,323,000 in 2012.

In the 2020 election, Joe Biden reportedly received 1,804,000 votes to President Trump 1,366,000 votes.

“We are supposed to believe this nonsense without question.

“Trump improved his vote in the state by approximately 162,000 votes!

Joe Biden who didn’t even campaign in Colorado reportedly improved on Hillary’s haul by 465,352 votes!

“Colorado reportedly had a record-setting turnout of 85%:

“However, voter turnout for Presidential elections is usually closer to 50-55% which puts Colorado’s results into question:

“Somehow with an increase in voters and population of less than 200,000 since 2016, Joe Biden attracted 460,000 more (38%) votes than Obama or Hillary did in the prior elections.  Biden received 440,000 more votes than President Trump who surpassed his, Hillary’s and Obama’s record totals from the past.

This guy who couldn’t make it out of the basement and who we can’t recall ever drawing circles in Colorado won.  He was not that popular.  This absolutely does not add up.”


“DENVER, Colorado — A lawsuit filed Monday in US District Court in Denver alleges the Colorado Secretary of State’s office failed to clean up its voter rolls in compliance with the National Voter Registration Act.

“The conservative, non-partisan educational foundation Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit along with three voters from El Paso, Elbert and Adams counties.

“During the summer of 2019, the group commissioned a study where they compared voter registration data collected by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) with the most recent five-year Census Bureau estimates of the voting-age population. Their study found that 40 of Colorado’s 64 counties reported registration rates that exceeded 100% of the eligible citizen voting-age population.

“Last month, the group again compared the Census data with voter registration numbers provided by the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office. That second comparison revealed some 20 counties had voter registration rates that exceeded 100% of the eligible population. However, as many as 39 counties had registration rates that exceeded 100% during a single month of that 5-year period.

The lawsuit also contends that the counties removed comparatively low numbers of voters from the rolls even though the Census Bureau suggests a greater number of people had changed their address verification forms to voters as is required by the National Voter Registration Act.

“It is a direct threat to free and fair elections that with record numbers of mail-in ballots this cycle, over half of Colorado counties have more people registered to vote than are eligible to register,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton in a news release. “With its inaction, Colorado has failed its citizens and opened itself up to potentially be the victim of massive voter fraud.”

My Comment:  So, it appears you and the other Commissioners have a different view on what a wonderful job ***** County is doing to keep our voting records in compliance with the law than do I – and Judicial Watch (which has an excellent record of winning these cases in court).


You say in your email to me:  “While ***** County does currently use Dominion machines, (name of County Clerk) and past Clerks, have assured me that at no time are these machines connected to the internet. They are not online.”

(Name of County Clerk) may have been told – even assured – that Dominion computers utilized for elections do not have access to the internet but the evidence is totally to the contrary.  I personally watched a video of an executive officer of Dominion showing a room full of people how the computers could be attached to the internet.   In addition, Dominion Voting Systems training manuals refer to the capacity for their computers to be internet connected.  It is impossible to have insight into how Dominion Voting Systems works if you have not read these training manuals.

An investigation into SEC filings has revealed that the firm which owns Dominion Voting Systems, Staple Street Capital, acquired Dominion Voting Systems in 2018, received $400 million dollars from a Swiss bank with close links to the Chinese government less than a month before the election.

On Oct 8, 2020, Staple Street Capital filed SEC Form D offerings and sales amount of $400,000,000 with the Sales Compensation Recipient identified as UBS Securities, states the investigation, which also notes that another payment of $200,000,000 was received in December 2014.  (Unless my banking background has deserted me, Staple Street invested either $600 million or $1 billion, depending on how you read the information.)

A copy of the SEC Form D is attached.

“UBS Securities is a Swiss investment bank which owns 24.99% of UBS Securities Co LTD, a Chinese Investment Bank. The remaining 75% of UBS Securities Co LTD is owned by the Chinese government,” according to the report.”

My comment:  As a ***** County resident who recognizes that China is not a friend to the United States, I find it interesting and somewhat offensive that so many politicians who are elected to office to protect the rights of voters are so willing to give responsibility for an honest vote count to a Chinese-owned company.  Politicians may overlook such data and forget the dangers to our Republic when enemy intent is assumed harmless when, indeed, but statistics say precisely the opposite.  Voters will not overlook it – now, or in the future.



Antrim County, MI started out making those who cried “foul” look like conspiracy nuts.

However, when it was all over, Antrim County found itself being conspiracy involved.

And the strongest statement of all:  The vote switched.  


The vote count went from 7,769 for Biden and 4,509 for Trump to 5,959 for Biden and 9,759 for Trump.  That’s how far off Dominion machines (which were connected to the internet) were in this one, single Michigan County.  I’m sure election officials in Antrim County were given the same assurances that ***** County election officials were given.  The Michigan vote is still a question mark.

Texas did not accept Dominion’s computers or Smartmatic’s software.  Why?  Because they did their homework.


On February 25, 2021, a long-contested fight for a complete audit of Maricopa County, AZ ballots from the 2020 Presidential election was moved forward when a judge ruled that the Arizona Senate has access to 2.1 million ballots from Arizona’s most populous county so it can audit results of the 2020 election.

Senate subpoenas to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for information and equipment needed to perform the audit have been pending since Dec. 15, 2020 and were upheld by a judge on Feb. 25. In mid-March, the state Senate announced that Republicans in that chamber would be conducting a “broad and detailed” review of Maricopa’s ballots, one that would involve “testing the machines, scanning the ballots, performing a full hand count and checking for any IT breaches,” among other approaches.

The in-depth Maricopa County audit is scheduled to begin Friday, April 23rd.

GEORGIA lost the major league baseball (MLB) All Star game to Denver because of election problems in Fulton County that have never been resolved to the satisfaction of voters.  Interestingly, Colorado’s voting laws are more stringent than those of Georgia.  Hmmmm…. Georgia has a Republican governor; Colorado has a Democrat.

When I look at the legislative time loss, the tax dollar loss, the confusion and chaos that have been caused mainly because of the questionable capabilities and objectives of Dominion Voting Systems and hundreds of counties around the country deciding to continue using the technology, I understand the lost trust of the people in government.

Your response indicates that you have a very surface level interest in a problem that, if looked at objectively, could totally upset our Republican form of government.  It indicates that you have asked naïve questions about a highly complex potential problem for the voters of ***** County.

Your response indicates a total lack of interest in something that “may” happen, but something IS happening.  Judicial Watch is a group of professionals whose “win” record in court is substantial.  But someone has told you that everything is good in the ***** County Election Office and you accept that.

I ask you and your fellow County Commissioners:   What are you doing to provide voters – all voters – with a secure way to vote, a secure way to ensure our votes are properly counted, and why does ***** County appear to be tied to Dominion Voting System?  With the good research done that proves this company’s integrity is questionable, why would this or any other County want to continue doing business with them?

 I do hope you will explore the numerous alternatives to Dominion Voting... I'd rather have paper ballots and wait a week to hear the results than I would to have the results be questionable.  At the least, I'd strongly prefer my tax dollars not be spent supporting a company that has been proven to lack integrity.

 Again, thank you for your response.  I do hope you will give this topic a bit more in-depth thought because there are a lot of red flags out there suggesting all responsible public servants should.


Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall

Hopefully, this letter provided enough information to my County Commissioners to get them involved in solving voter registration and voting problems.

In addition to the letter, I included four attachments:

1.     The Dominion Training Manuals;

2.     The SEC filing showing Chinese ownership of Dominion;

3.     The Judicial Watch lawsuit;

4.     Questions that need to be answered about using computer counting sytems for elections (provided by an expert in the field).

I hope all of this material will help you create a letter of your own to your local authorities about how they plan to change your voting system locally in time for the 2022 election.

© 2021 Marilyn M. Barnewall – All Rights Reserved

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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Is America a Christian nation? Or, is it a nation of churches?

January 10th, 2021

By Marilyn M. Barnewall

There is a big difference, you know.  A Christian may go to church or may not but his or her primary spiritual purpose is to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.  A lot of people go to church to be parishioners, not disciples.  They want to feel good about themselves and to look good to others.  We have a lot of politicians and journalists who fall into that last category.

Christians are unique individuals who understand that God provides insight and tools and we, His servants, use those gifts in service to Him.  We are to implement the spiritual will of God in a world that seems dedicated to following every possible trail to evil.  We are to love our neighbor (other Christians) as ourselves, and we are to love our enemy.

It is this eleventh Commandment from Christ – love thy enemy — that gets so many Christians in trouble.  Though we are to love our enemy, we are not to love or support the evil they use to destroy the Judeo-Christian social order.  We are to do whatever we can to stop it.

Churches have done a very poor job of explaining that loving someone does not mean letting them kill themselves or others or their country because of drug habits or violence or psychological problems based on hatred of those who do not think like they do.

A large number of people say they are Christians but it appears few really are.  If you don’t believe me, use the Holy Bible as your resource.  Many are called; few are chosen.

Some who say they are Christians view God as their giant ATM in the sky.  When they want something, they ask and His job is to support their wants and needs.   In other words, He is their servant, they are not His.  Yes.  We are to pray for the sick, the hurting, the damaged of our society and we know God will answer.  I can attest to that, personally with sincere thanks to those who prayed for me.

We are not, however, to forget “Thy will be done.”  The Lord’s Prayer does not say “my will be done.”  And prayer does not replace “Onward, Christian Soldiers.”  We are the soldiers; God is our General, to state it in worldly terms.

Remember the song “Where Are the Clowns?”  written by Stephen Sondheim in 1973?  During the past four years, I have asked:  “Where are the Christian Soldiers?”  They certainly were not in the United States Congress, the Department of State, our intelligence agencies, the Department of Justice, our courts, our Joint Chiefs of Staff, and many other places.  God bless rare exceptions like Ted Cruz and other conservatives who walk the walk for showing their love of God via honesty and facts.

Churches provide sermons about the Bible to teach Christianity… Pastors explain the Bible to us.  Each person, however, interprets the words of pastoral teaching on the basis of life experiences and vocabulary.  They get little opportunity to ask questions during Sunday services and it’s intimidating to ask in front of so many people.  As a result, many questions go unanswered or people misinterpret what Pastors say.

Pastors also comfort our spirit when we are ill or suffering from loss or life’s challenges.  They give spiritual joy when we celebrate communion, marriage, baptism, etc., and there is, or should be, love among fellow disciples of God as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Based on the current political environment, it would certainly appear we are a nation of churches rather than Christians because there are so few soldiers willing to fight to keep America a nation of religious freedom.  The Bible tells me I am never to accept evil.  The way the 2020 Presidential election was stolen is evil… but progressive liberals think we should accept it and move on.

There is, however, no plan to help the 75 million people who voted for Donald Trump in 2020 move on.  Churches hesitate to involve themselves in politics so they are of little help.  They might lose their 501.C(3) tax-free status.  People will never forget the governmental declaration that churches are non-essential while liquor stores are.  In the battle between God and government, government won.  Churches closed (God bless Pastor John F. MacArthur at Grace Community Church in California, and others who fought this).  Christians won’t forget because to accept the evil of theft of this election is to partake in the evil.  If you aren’t fighting it, you are supporting it.

It is true that God will handle everything.

There is a “God will do it for me” attitude amongst Christians that makes me wonder if they are the people the angel sent to to talk to John when he wrote Revelations 3:  “15I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! 16 So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. 17 For you say ‘I am rich, I have prospered, and I need nothing,’ not realizing that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked.”  In other words, they were rich in a worldly way but were spiritually bankrupt.

Perhaps rather than asking God to save our nation – as millions of people are and should be doing right now – perhaps we should also be asking Him to give us insight as to how we can serve Him by keeping America a place where all people can choose to worship Him as their conscience, fed by the Holy Spirit, tells them.

How can you be a Christian soldier?

Do you have Facebook?  Cancel it.  Do you have Twitter?  Cancel it.  Replace it  with Parler.  Do you use Google?  You Tube?  Get Bit Chute.  Find alternative services to all of these things.  They are available.  Why would a Christian soldier support the enemy by providing their enemies profits… money they are using to defeat you?  If you just cannot do without your Facebook, I would suggest you look up what it means to be an idolater and then read the Ten Commandments.

In case you haven’t noticed, they – liberal progressives – are attacking the middle class.  Who do you think owns all of those restaurants and beauty and barber shops that have failed because of ridiculous lock downs caused by a planned virus?  Who do you think will in about 90 days begin losing homes the mortgages of which they have been unable to pay because of the plandemic called Covid and the lock downs it has caused because government closed independent businesses down?  It is surely not the elites or upper classes.  It’s the good old middle class — AGAIN!

A planned virus?  Anyone who believes the Covid mania was and is just an accident is so far separated from reality there is little hope they will return to sanity.  The timing of the China virus and the resulting lock downs by liberal progressive governors were so precise as to result in millions of unlawful print ballots that caused our great President, Donald Trump, to lose an election he won.

The millions of people who run to get tested for Covid 19 are, usually, given a PCR test.  The inventor (1985) of the PCR test, Dr. Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1993) for discovering the PCR test being used to determine whether people have Covid 19, conveniently died at a young age in August 2019. .. just a month before the first victim died of the China flu in Wuhan, China.  Mullis was interviewed several times and clearly states that the PCR test is not designed to identify viruses.  Here is what he said:

“PCR is intended to identify substances qualitatively, but by its very nature is unsuited for estimating numbers. Although there is a common misimpression that the viral load tests actually count the number of viruses in the blood, these tests cannot detect free, infectious viruses at all; they can only detect proteins that are believed, in some cases wrongly, to be unique to HIV. The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.”

I don’t know about you, but the virus and its impact on the election has resulted in my total lack of trust of anything I read in newspapers, hear on television, and to disbelieve every word that comes out of a politician’s mouth.  I have no respect for the courts.

Perhaps the most painful realization of all:  We are living in a lawless society.  Don’t talk to me about the Constitution or the rule of law… they have disappeared.  The refusal of our courts to hear solid evidence about election fraud proves there is no court system deserving of respect or confidence.

And that takes me back to God and to our churches.

In truth, each individual is a church… whether or not they choose to be.  God set us up that way.  People can reject it through choice (because God gave us choice).

Each person has a human body which must function compatibly with the rules of nature.  Inside of our worldly body we have a Soul and a Spirit.  Interestingly, it appears humans have a trinity of their own:  a body, a Soul and a Spirit.  It becomes a Holy Spirit upon being born again through baptism and belief.  To Christians, God is, of course, a Holy Trinity:  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

It’s interesting how God created everything in Nature to be compatibly in balance with heaven, isn’t it?

As I have written in previous articles, God gave humans choice.  Out of all of the creatures on earth, we are the only ones to whom He gave that gift.  Perhaps He wants those around Him in eternity to have freely chosen to love Him.  Perhaps He recognizes love from those who willingly overcome worldly difficulties and sometimes painful trauma in life after choosing Him… yet still love Him.

What is love worth if it is forced on you?  Nothing.  In fact, it is impossible to love any entity because you fear it.   You may fear such an entity but you will never love that which you fear.  Love is a choice… as is hatred.

For those who tell me the Bible insists I must fear God, I refer you to Proverbs 8:13 which says:  “Fear of the Lord is hatred of sin.”  I hate sin and thus fear God in a supportive, not an emotional, way.

What I have written above is my personal narrative.  It may help you understand your own narrative better but we have individually unique narratives.  I don’t suggest mine is right for you, but I do suggest you need your own, personal narrative.  Write it down.  Get to know who, not what, you are.  Don’t tell me your gender, marital status, number of children… those are “what” statements… something you share with other people.  If your narrative is coming from a group, it is not yours.  It is theirs.

We are different people with different life experiences given to us by God to bring us closer to Him.  No two people see the world or heaven or God the same way.  As long as your narrative of life does not violate God’s Biblical narrative of His law and His interpretation of it, you are in sync with Him.  You can only determine that by reading and understanding the nuances of the Bible.  If your spiritual narrative violates His narrative, you’re probably in spiritual trouble… but that’s between you and God.

Liberal progressives are into group think and are fear motivated.  They find safety and comfort in numbers.  Being in lockstep with the group is the way they worship God… talking points based on hatred are their Sunday sermon. It is their Bible.

Conservatives are individualists and getting them to think alike is like trying to herd cats.

The point of the above explanations is that we live in a world where a near majority of Americans are into group rather than individual thinking.  Populism, as it is called in the world of politics, is based on individualism, not group think.  That is why the attack on President Donald Trump has been so vicious.  There is nothing more threatening to fear-motivated groupies than individualists.  And that is what liberal progressives will spend the next four years trying to eliminate if Joe Biden is seated in the Oval Office.

The first person who tells me I must accept as my president this unfortunate but mental misfit who stole an election is in great danger from my deplorable fist.

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