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Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall began her career as a journalist with the Wyoming Eagle in Cheyenne. During her 20 year banking career, she wrote extensively for The American Banker, Bank Marketing Magazine, Trust Marketing Magazine, and other major industry publications. The American Bankers Association (ABA) published Barnewall’s Profitable Private Banking: the Complete Blueprint, in 1987. She taught private banking at Colorado University for the ABA and trained private bankers in Singapore.

Sunday, November 27, 2016



By Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall
November 27, 2016

Hillary would have damaged the real feminist cause for generations!

So the USA did not get its first female President of the United States.

This "loss" so bothered the cast of the New York play HAMILTON that they felt obliged to use the stage to lecture Vice President-Elect Mike Pence who attended on November 18th about how a Trump presidency might not provide what liberals believe to be critical to their security needs... like, they might have to get real jobs and give up their free cell phones for which the rest of us must pay. Rather than the physical assassination President Lincoln received in a theater, Vice President-Elect Pence received a character assassination. Liberals are so violent -- and the New York theater is so highly over-rated!

The cast gave no thought to Trump voters who were in the audience and who paid from $500 to $1,400 per ticket and had to hear the unqualified, uneducated analysis of actor Brandon Victor Dixon who used/abused the theater stage to tell Vice President-Elect Pence his concerns regarding the Trump administration. Conservatives in attendance did not pay an abominable price to hear an ill-informed actor speak about political issues and I wish one of the Trump supporters who witnessed this anathema would sue Dixon and the entire cast and the theater.

How do I know Dixon is uninformed? Two reasons; Alexander Hamilton once suggested to then President George Washington (and made a public announcement) that if anyone said anything negative about President Washington, he should be deported. Lucky for Dixon, President Washington ignored his suggestion or Dixon would be on his way back to Africa or wherever else his ancestors originate.

Second, Alexander Hamilton represented the big banker interests of Europe and was responsible for getting the first central bank (Federal Reserve by another name) implemented. It was a 20-year contract and then, like now, so corrupted the financial and banking system the contract was not renewed. So this is who the Dixons of the world support?

The behavior of the Hamilton cast brought back a memory of when I was consulting for a bank client in Cincinnati, Ohio (1991) and got a call from Brazil asking me if I would fly to New York City to meet with the President of the World Bank. "No," I said, "I won't go to New York. I hate it there. But I will be glad to fly to Philadelphia or Baltimore to meet with him." I had consulted for numerous New York banks and had spent quite a bit of time there and I just didn't like it.

My offer was rejected and I've often wondered how my refusal to go to New York City impacted my future. What did he have in mind for me? I'll never know... but the cast of Hamilton reminded me of why I hate New York and won't go there.

As a woman who spent a good part of my younger life training men for jobs they got because I, as a woman, could not get promoted beyond a certain point, equal rights for women is very important to me. I was actively involved in getting the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974 passed. As the first female vice president managing a large loan and deposit area at Denver’s largest bank, I was asked by the Colorado legislature to testify as to the readiness of the banking community to provide equality in the granting of credit to women.

Equality for women and all minorities is important to me. My granddaughters are half black. I worked hard to gain access to equality as a woman and I sat on many minority boards to help non-whites achieve it, too.

As a woman of the new millennium, I realize things have changed. For example, most young women are no longer virgins when they marry and I find that sad, not “enlightened.” Most young women of the 1950s were virgins and it was a wonderful way to start a marriage... a meaningful gift to give when beginning a lifelong relationship based on trust. There were no pregnant girls in my high school classes... in fact people were a bit uncomfortable when the word “pregnant” was used in mixed company. I do not recall one single time in high school that a teenage girl disappeared from class for months to “visit a dear aunt” in another state so she could have a secret baby. have changed. I laugh (scornfully) at educators who insist they must teach students to put a condom on a cucumber in sex education classes because so “many” young people are sexually active and need to know how to make their encounters safe.

It’s a good example of how unionized teachers – how liberal progressives in general – expand their ever-intrusive power base through lies and false statistical data. Whether it is carbon footprints or melting icebergs or climate change or the benefits of genetically modified food, liberals have no problem throwing phony data at the general public to get what they want.

It is also a slap in the face to the history of high school students who had discipline about the natural desire to be sexually active but were not for hundreds of years before these enlightened teachers sold parents on the fact that everyone was doing “it.” It’s true that sex represents normal behavior. That was the tidbit of truth to educator statements. All good liars include a bit of truth because it makes their stories believable. When is it appropriate to have sex was the question and the erroneous answer our educators gave us resulted in a huge increase in sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies ending in abortion and both have long-term negative consequences on the lives of our children. You can thank the NEA for that!

Many forms of enhanced technology have made life easier... not necessarily better. For example, families used to sit around the dinner table together. We had meaningful communication within the family unit, not Tweets or emails or Facebook messages which, in my opinion, provide surface level rather than personal contact. Had I, my brother or sister reached to answer a phone or tweet a message while seated at the dinner table, we would have been excused from the rest of the meal. Family came first.

Today’s fractured family structure causes much of our social ills. It seems obvious that to make it believable that it takes a village, not parents, to raise children, the family first had to be destroyed.

Those are the views with which I was raised. The point is, Hillary Clinton is only ten years younger than me. She was raised during the same era and was exposed to the same social and moral values – and obviously rejected them. Her PROVEN behavior shows she is, at best, amoral... she has no moral values. Many conservatives consider her an evil woman while others see her as a congenital liar with a psychopathic need for attention, power and money. Her performance level at most things she’s done in her life isn’t very high, including her time as First Lady and as Secretary of State. There is no record of high performance and there is record of her many failures. If you need a copy of her misdeeds, write. I'll send it.

America didn’t lose anything by not getting Hillary Clinton as the first female U.S. President. It was a gift of fate because had a congenital liar who has failed at so many jobs become our first female President it would have probably been impossible to elect another woman to office for many years. She would have been a disastrous President... dishonest and willing to sell out anyone – she was willing to arrange a uranium sales deal for Russia in return for a contribution to the Clinton Foundation. She was playing pay for play with our lives! What else might she have sold to enrich herself?

I believe Hillary Clinton would have used the Presidency to increase her own power base and bank accounts. Her history proves that's what she does. Had she been elected, two or three generations of future voters would have associated female presidents with self-serving liars that have no respect for the Rule of Law... because that is who Hillary Clinton is.

As a female who would love to see a qualified, strong woman as President of this country, I am hugely relieved that Mrs. Clinton did not get elected because of the example she would have set. Anyone really interested in having a female who will be remembered positively as U.S. President – which opens the door for more female Presidents – needs to make sure that person is a pillar of positives, not negatives.

The purpose of the above words is not to re-hash yet again the failings of this female... God knows I am sick of hearing of and writing about it. If you need a reminder of a record that proves she has no character, go to my article about Hillary which has numerous links to reports about her history.

The people protesting Hillary Clintons’ loss by taking to the streets are making fools of themselves. If her record proved her worthy of the office, I wouldn’t feel that way. Had Donald Trump beaten a good, honest and informed politician who is female, I would understand their sorrow. My own sorrow would have been great and I probably would have voted for a quality female candidate.

Because I know her history, I pity protesters for their lack of judgment and obvious need to have a government run by someone who wrote a book telling parents they weren’t needed because, like all good socialists believe, it takes a village to raise children. other thing we are seeing played out by protesters and rioters (not exactly my pick as advisors or leaders) is their arrogance in demanding an end the Electoral College. Why are they making these demands?

People who live in big cities don’t think those of us who live in fly-over country should have a voice in national elections. It’s that simple.

They argue that Hillary Clinton won the election because she got more votes than Donald Trump. So what? In 1864, John Quincy Adams only got 30.92% of the popular vote. He however got a majority of votes from the Electoral College. We’ve had several Presidents who lost the popular vote but received the required Electoral College votes to become President.

Of course Hillary Clinton got more votes than Donald Trump. All of the “give me something for nothing” voters live in major cities like New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, etc. Big cities have lots of voters. All are dependent on the federal government for their existence because most are governed by Democrat progressives and socialists who over-spend and need Big Brother government to fund their lifestyles. 

According to them, those of us who have carved out a higher quality of life than they can even imagine need to listen to them. As I said in last week’s article, they are terrified to face a world where individualists rather than groupies dominate public policy.

Lassie could run for the Presidency as a Democrat and the same people who voted for Hillary Clinton would vote for Lassie because she would put her paw print on documents supporting these people and their something for nothing, amoral lifestyles. That is not said as a slam at Mrs. Clinton. It’s a slam at the voters who haven’t got a clue what Democrat President John F. Kennedy said in his inaugural speech: “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” That’s a foreign language to liberal progressives.

Keep in mind the announcements of the Communist Party over the years that they would no longer run Communist Party USA candidates for President because those of a communist persuasion could feel comfortable voting for progressive Democrat candidates.

You might want to look up the history of the Electoral College. The psyops experts have already done a number on a lot of Americans, convincing them that the Electoral College is anti-democracy. To a degree it is... but we are not a democracy, we are a Republic. We utilize the democratic concept of one citizen, one vote – but that does not make us a democracy. In fact, when you hear a politician refer to the United States as a democracy, run the other way.

The Electoral College prevents the largest cities of this country from, because of the number of voters living in them, telling the rest of the country how America will be governed. Those of us who prefer to live outside of major population centers have a voice because of the Electoral College – and that’s what these idiots want to eliminate. Take a look at a map that shows counties where Democrat votes flipped from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.

Here is another map from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)) – hardly a bastion of conservatism. If you scroll down this page, you will see numerous maps with very brief explanations of each... how many Democrats voted for Hillary versus Obama in 2012 versus how many voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Both maps are interactive (place your cursor over the map and it provides information by county or city or state).

When you look at these maps, the arrogance of protesters who think numbers are more important than the rule of law should shock you. Look at all of those red counties throughout the nation who voted for Donald Trump. They prove he is, indeed, the President of this entire country!

I am laughing today at the arrogance of the actors in the Broadway play "Hamilton." I laugh because they do not understand the difference between their First Amendment rights to declare their personal opinions publicly and their non-rights to force on Donald Trump supporters in the audience to not have the cast's political opinions forced upon them. I laugh even harder because Fox News doesn't seem to have figured out the difference yet.

The real concern arising from the demonstrations based on ignorance of facts, reverse racism, anger, and fear is the weaknesses of character of the Millennial generation. When I think of the strength of the generation of young men who were jerked out of colleges and jobs to suddenly be trained to fight in WWII and compare it to college students who cannot deal with a political defeat without pampered counseling and the need to be excused from very costly classes, the lack of character is frightening!

If this is the generation that will inherit the responsibility for governing America in ten or twenty years... well, it’s the only thing that makes me glad I’m almost 80.

Click here for part -----> 1, 2,

© 2016 Marilyn M. Barnewall - All Rights Reserved

Sunday, November 20, 2016


By Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall
November 20, 2016

How to Get Non-establishment Candidates Elected

One thing Tea Party and Liberty Action and Citizens for Liberty groups can learn from the 2016 election is that traditional methods of getting non-traditional candidates elected to office do not work. We in Colorado learned that when a wonderful candidate, Darryl Glenn, ran against U.S. Senate incumbent Michael Bennett, a Democrat and a loser, and lost.

Donald Trump was a non-traditional candidate who could afford to run his own campaign his own way and he did it with great skill. He started with Corey Lewandowski, a non-traditional campaign manager. He moved to Paul Manafort, a traditionalist who served as campaign manager for a brief time. He moved on to KellyAnne Conway who has a good balance of the two methodologies, understanding both traditional and non-traditional campaign strategies.

But what about non-traditional candidates who aren’t billionaires able to fund their own political campaigns? They need non-traditional candidate campaign managers who can get them known to voters without spending a lot of money – and they are non-existent. What an opportunity this presents to the Tea Party and other groups to learn about non-traditional candidates and how to get them elected and provide help to future constitutional populist candidates!

What does a non-traditional campaign manager (NTCM) know about getting someone elected that is missing from the handbook of a traditional campaign manager?

First, NTCMs understand they will not have access to Republican funding, especially for primary elections or general elections. RNC money will go to candidates selected and controlled by the RNC or State Republican Party, just as it always has. It's how the Party controls candidates once elected to office. Traditional campaign managers are used to having access to money for advertising and large staffs. Non-traditional candidates do not have these luxuries. Hillary Clinton spent huge amounts of money on advertising and staff compared to Donald Trump.

Local candidates are not billionaires... and politics at the RNC level haven’t changed just because Donald Trump beat them at their own game. Trump’s ability to fly to campaign gatherings in his own plane was a huge advantage... but candidates for state office don’t have to fly coast to coast. They must drive from city to city. It’s a pain in the neck (butt) and it takes a lot of late night driving and one-night motel stays. But it can be and has been done.

I will keep reminding you that you will never gain any ground at changing the national political mess until you regain control of your local political structure. Actually, you get congrats from me on this topic because Republicans not only have majorities in the House and Senate and a Republican is now in the Executive office in Washington, D.C., they also have 35 governorships and dominate most state legislatures. You’re doing what needs to be done to take back our country from the socialists!

The biggest difficulty non-traditional candidates have is making sure voters who live in the cities in which they campaign know who they are and what their platform is. They need publicity to get their message out so voters can consider them serious candidates. How do you achieve that with limited funds?

1. Most NTCMs assume they will write fabulously interesting press releases and local reporters will publish/broadcast them. WRONG!

First, if your candidate is a Republican you will get no help from the local media most of whom are committed Democrats. Understand this: In America, there are 1,500 newspapers, 1,100 magazines, 9,000 radio stations, 1500 television stations and 2,400 publishers. 

Almost all of them are owned by these 6 corporations: General Electric, Newscorp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS. If you (or a mutual fund in which you are invested) owns stock in any of these companies, you are supporting companies that want to destroy the sovereignty of America., newspapers and television news are in business to publish... news. The fact that a political candidate comes (or is coming) to town is not necessarily news. Does the candidate have something to say that can be defined as news? Is it something that hasn’t been said and reported before? If so, it may be worth a paragraph or two... but if there’s an accident on the local freeway, that’s where reporters will go. Their job is local news.

All of the wonderful comments traditional campaign managers make in their press releases are viewed by the media as advertising, not news. And they are usually right. If you want to advertise, pay the price (which is what non-traditional candidates can’t afford to do). So what do you do to get your candidate known? How do you get the local newspaper and broadcast news to cover your candidate?

Rather than talking about things, non-traditional candidates must do things. What the candidate does is dependent on his or her issues.

Let’s use Donald Trump as an example. He supports better medical care for our veterans. He could have improved his approval ratings among both Republicans and Democrats had he talked less and... visited VA hospitals and talked with veterans about the care they receive. 

That’s news. It is worth coverage. It’s important to invite local reporters to accompany the candidate. It is also important to have carefully crafted questions to ask patients as well as VA hospital administrators. Not only does it get coverage, it strikes a chord with voters that this candidate really means what he or she says and is not just spouting words.

Donald Trump visited my Western Colorado home twice during his campaign. We have one of the best VA hospitals in the country. I have never heard a negative comment about it. He could have gained much support nationally by visiting the place for an hour, telling the public he wants to know what this hospital does that makes it so much better than other VA facilities. This kind of detailed communication must exist between the candidate and those working in counties in areas where candidates compete for votes -- and publicity.

One of the first things you do once you establish people who volunteer to help your candidate get elected in various cities is create a questionnaire for volunteers to complete. 

Their answers should tell you about their city... what’s different about it, what government offices are located there, the average age of residents, etc. Pay attention to that information. 

Schedule publicity events (like visits to a VA Hospital) around those things that are part of the communities you visit. If a town has a large senior community, visit assisted care and hospice facilities, e.g. Talk with people. Ask them questions... ask them how you can help.

2. Spend your limited funds on things important to your base, not to you. For example, purchase (at a very low cost per copy) copies of the Constitution and pass them out at your campaign gatherings. By doing so, you make a statement about yourself that sticks with people.

Conservatives have three things in common: 1) They are constitutionalists; 2) They make decisions based on truth/facts; and 3) They support the Rule of Law that flows from the Constitution. They will love getting a copy of the Constitution to carry in their pockets or purses – especially if it has a brief message on page one from a political candidate.

3. Establish volunteers as committee chairmen and have them recruit four or five people to sit on those committees. What committees? What are your candidate’s issues? Use them pro-actively by establishing committees, one per issue.

Stop talking about the shameful Veterans Administration Hospitals and begin doing something about it. One suggestion was made above, but what else can you do?

Start with an 800 telephone number where vets in the state your candidate is running for office can call when they are not getting the quality care they have earned. Invite those who have received quality care to call, too. Create a questionnaire and have your Veterans committee volunteers contact those people having problems. Gather data (on computer). 

Report on results periodically. This is a very inexpensive exercise run by volunteers and offers maximum results. You will need a tech person to put it all together. Find a volunteer techie.

It is action rather than words. It is newsworthy. It gets your candidate known. Even more important, it positions your candidate as a person who takes action and makes it possible to reference your opposition as someone who talks but does nothing... takes no action on promises made. you are a law and order candidate (most conservatives are), recruit people who are known by the public to support the rule of law. You are surrounded by talent that can be put into action when you manage the campaign of a law and order candidate.

Have your law and order candidate coordinate volunteers in each county to answer an 800 number where all people of all races can report police abuse. Also invite those who have positive experiences with law enforcement to report what happened. This can be promoted on television and radio as public service announcements. 

Promise to look into negative incidents. Have volunteers contact those who make negative reports and create a questionnaire that will give your campaign information. Again, this is newsworthy. It gets your candidate known and is viewed positively by all members of the public, particularly minorities.

Does the candidate oppose gun control?

Establish a committee to coordinate a program with the National Rifle Association (if it has endorsed your candidate) to install an 800 number that accepts reports from people who have successfully used a firearm in self defense. Offer to share gathered data with the NRA.

Guns are used 2.5 million times a year in self defense. They are used 80 times more often to protect the lives of honest citizens than they are to kill or injure others. That word is not getting out to the people and it needs to be publicized. This is newsworthy and it provides information voters will appreciate.

Does the candidate support responsible spending?

Establish a committee and an 800 number where people can call and give their experiences with irresponsible government spending. Instead of writing press releases about what a wonderful candidate you are, have a release written about the input you’re getting from those who have experienced negligent over-spending.

Do you get the drift? There are a lot of issues (energy, debt, regulations, medical care, Medicare, elder abuse, banking, etc.) that provide positive ways to get publicity and which portray candidates as do-ers rather than talkers. There are a lot of positive, inexpensive ways to get publicity for a candidate and they strike a positive note with voters who read about it.

Voters like candidates who do rather than talk. Each committee is announced at different times (several stories about a candidate’s establishment of a committee is better than one story that announces all of the committees at once). And, reporting the information provided to the committees by the public also generates good publicity.

The final element in running a campaign to elect a non-traditional candidate involves email, Twitter and social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. If you’re planning on running against an elected politician in 2018, you need to start now. If you want your Tea Party or Liberty Action or Citizens For Liberty group to be involved in getting good candidates elected, you should have started doing what I suggest herein two years ago.

Get lists of names of people who are likely to support you during a Primary election... that would include all registered Republicans and, depending on your issues, Libertarians. Your first investment should be the purchase of lists of registered voters likely to vote for you.

Your volunteers’ first phone call to them should be to ask if they would like to receive your email updates and Twitters about the election, get their addresses, and ask for their help.

Get one or two supporters to have a give-away contest that is promoted via email and Twitter. Give away a good gun or ammunition. When people register, you will automatically get their email addresses if the contest is promoted via email. Give away a training class for conceal carry (please note that the gifts are on topics of interest to conservatives). Get a local restaurant to give a Friday night special dinner to those who register for it... email address required. Use your imagination, but get started gathering Twitter and email addresses.

And that's how you get non-traditional conservative candidates elected to office. I would suggest you make sure the candidate is really conservative... Colorado Tea Party groups supported Corey Gardner and we got a neo-conservative who is half liberal. How to do that? 

That's another article.

At the end of Part 1 (last week) I said Part 2 would be about getting non-traditional candidates elected and why it’s good news that Hillary Clinton did not become our first female U.S. President. I was more thorough in this material than I intended to be... so I hope you enjoy Part 3: Hillary and the Electoral College (and the idiot protesters).

Sunday, November 13, 2016



By Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall
November 13, 2016

Before I begin my article, I want to pay homage to Paul Walter who Thank you, Paul, for your undying efforts to make sure Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States. Paul made sure that millions of readers got access to the truth about Trump during the many months the mainstream media was portraying him as an arrogant idiot who the public would not take seriously and who would never be elected to office.

I also want to thank Kelleigh Nelson for her many and better than excellent researched articles about Trump and those who opposed him. You are the best, Kelleigh, and I thank you for all you did to make Donald J. Trump our President-Elect. I realize you were just presenting the facts, Ma’am, but the level of depth of your research was very difficult and time consuming.

The only wish Paul and Kelleigh have for all their relentless hard work and the love they have for Donald Trump is to get 4 tickets for Trump's inauguration. If anyone reading this can help please contact me or them.

And I want to thank every reader of seeking the facts involved in the fight for the Oval Office and who voted their conscience. All of us listened to atrocious lies about Mr. Trump and heard the mainstream media serve up Mrs. Clinton as if she were a prime rib dinner rather than a woman who liberal William Safire of the New York Times once called a congenital liar who is guilty of numerous crimes against the American people (though it is doubtful she will ever pay for them). Thank you for taking the information you got from NewsWithViews public, sending it to friends so others could learn from it. Thank you for voting.

And now, some thoughts about President-Elect Trump’s victory and the street violence that has followed it. I want you to understand why the violence is occurring because it has little to do with Donald J. Trump personally, and a great deal to do with liberal fears.

In the beginning, there was nothing (and America was very close to becoming nothing – a piece of land on the map with no borders that define us as a nation) when patriots around the nation voted for a non-establishment guy who may, if he does things right, buy the nation time to correct the problems created by administrations in power since 1989.

Anyone who thinks America’s socio-economic problems of 30 years can be turned around in 100 days (or even four years) has no concept about the depth of corrupted crony capitalism that has been intentionally fed into the system to prepare for George H.W. Bush’s new world order. President-Elect Donald John Trump said in his acceptance speech, “it is not the end... it’s just the beginning.” He is absolutely right! The work is just beginning and it will be intense and it will be hard. Electing President-Elect Trump to office was just step one. It will be followed by steps put in place to return us to constitutional government rather than tyrannical rule... and some of those steps will be painful.

First comes transition from Obama to Trump – and 45 must fill 4,000 jobs between now and January 20, 2017. He now has access to daily intelligence briefings and so will be able to turn on that famous Trump analytic skill and, with the input of experienced advisors, begin to make decisions that keep America safe.

It’s safe to assume that within three months of his inaugural, some foreign nation will attempt to take advantage of the new administration. He must get his Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Treasury (because the attack will likely be against the U.S. dollar), and Joint Chiefs established and informed. They need as much input as possible before the inauguration so he can quickly respond to any and all threats.

We have rioters in the streets of major cities who can’t effectively deal with the fact that their candidate lost the election. We need a strong Attorney General who will stop Executive Office and Department of Justice support for sanctuary cities and we need a Congress that will cut off funding for them. A return to the Rule of Law is critical to a good start for President-Elect Trump.

We have large portions of three generations of people – those under 60 years of age – who have been raised to think crony capitalism is capitalism which it is not. Not even close. Find out what capitalism is here. Those three generations have had their critical thinking skills warped by government indoctrination, a part of the New World Order plot to eliminate our borders and turn our nation into an oligarchy run by elites who consider the rest of us their inferiors who need them to tell us how we can serve them. Most of them didn’t earn their family fortunes, they inherited or stole them.

Who are these people who are so traumatized by the idea of a President Trump that they need counseling, need to cry, need to strike out at those of us who disagree with their views of socialist paradise? They are largely the non-productive and public school/college-indoctrinated people who I term Passive Investors (from my banking days). I wrote a News With Views article in 2009 about the new Civil War that was then on America’s horizon: The non-productive versus the productive. I believe that is precisely where we are. It may be impolite to say “I was right,” but I was right! Why was no one listening?

To understand the mindset of liberal progressives and why they are having such a difficult time accepting reality, read the NewsWithViews articles I wrote (here and here) about passive and active investors. Passives are liberals and actives are conservatives.

Liberal Passives are security-driven people who are motivated by fear. Conservatives tend to joke that liberalism is a disease. Actually, depending on how deep the need for security, how great the need for power to protect them from their fears, how pronounced their fear motivation... it can become phobic or psychopathic. We've seen that in the streets of major American cities the last few nights. election placed an Active Conservative in the most powerful position in the world. It has literally caused liberals/progressives/socialists to fear not being able to live in a world wherein conservative values of individuality (rather than group think), liberty that is self-responsible (rather than group determined), and the junking of political correctness (which is the only world in which these groupies function well) is very real – and yes, it is an illness. How long it will last and how severe the demonstrations and protests are depend on how large the needs discussed in the preceding paragraph are.

How do fearful people behave? Watching the anti-Trump protests continue night after night should give you some insight. This group of people is power-motivated (because power can protect them from the things they fear). When the power that protects them is removed, they feel very vulnerable. When a fearful person feels vulnerable they often resort to violence. It’s one reason liberal progressives are so easily motivated to join groups that have violent intent. This will continue in various ways until something they fear more than their loss of power is in place: Being held responsible for their behavior.

It is very important for conservatives to understand this is not just a momentary objection to a political candidate. The socialist mentality has been injected worldwide and its roots run very deep in the psyche of Passives. It’s not an American phenomenon. President-Elect Trump has so far played the hand he has been dealt perfectly. He has been behaving in a way that should, over time, reduce the fear that is causing the violent behavior. It will reduce it – but it won’t eliminate it. The thing causing the fear and resultant behavior is deeply rooted.

How many times have you asked yourself why liberals are so inclined to socialism and are so opposed to capitalism? Here’s your answer: Socialism promises to remove risk from the lives of those willing to give up their freedom to serve the needs of the elite.

Under socialism, government takes care of everything. It will determine your career, reward you when you serve them well by making it possible for your kids to get into good universities, withhold access to your kids to those same good universities if you say something they don’t like, and will decide when your life has served its purpose and it’s time for you to die (the lack of individual worth by comparison to the common good of society). They are anti-individual and pro-group.

Liberals are risk averse people and capitalism is a risk management system. 

Conservatives who are more concerned with controlling their own destinies have no problem with risk management. They deal with it well. Our Founders were individualist risk managers. Non-risk managers do not take on the largest and best-trained military in the world, the English, at the time of our Revolution. They understood that people either manage their own risks in life, or government will do it for you in return for your freedom.

President-Elect Donald J. Trump faces numerous challenges and we need to pray for his safety and that of his family.

Lord, please let us return to the moral nation you helped our Founders build. If we are to become great again, it will be with Your help and through the grace You have always bestowed on this nation. You told us to respect our leaders and to pray for them... but You also told us that God’s laws must be followed should our leaders stray from them. We have strayed, Lord. Please help us find our way back to You.

COMING IN PART II: Why pollsters and campaign managers were wrong: They do not understand how to get non-traditional, non-establishment candidates elected. Also a word or two about how women were saved the embarrassment of having a congenital liar whose track record of dishonesty for many years would have prevented a real woman from being elected in future years.

(c) Marilyn M. Barnewall, November 13 2016


By Marilyn M. Barnewall
July 11, 2009

It was interesting to watch Vice President Joe Biden comment about bullet trains and electric grid development on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, July 5th. Conservatives can accuse Joe Biden of many things, but being dull is not one of them.

It always puzzles me when, after writing an article, other articles on that topic suddenly appear. For instance, my high speed/bullet rail article appeared on the site on June 29th. Days later, several articles on the same subject appeared in major newspapers. Then Vice President Biden commented on it. I wonder if he read my article.

Too often, I think, the polarization of conservative versus liberal/progressive prevents us from appreciating when the other side supports something right.

I believe Biden did the right thing when he admitted "We misread the economy." I also believe he was right, when he pointed to the development of high speed bullet trains as part of the solution to unemployment and sagging state and local treasuries. It takes courage to make such an admission. I think most people appreciate it when politicians dare to tell the truth. If we want to hear more of it, we need to tell them we appreciate it when it happens. (I could say the Vice President so seldom faces truth squarely, it makes the occasion especially warming. but, of course, I would never say such a thing.)

From my perspective as a former banker, there are two major ways in which the Obama Administration is still misreading the economy. I see no hint of change - no pun intended. Well, maybe a little.

First, their behavior suggests they believe the economy is going to return to one driven by consumer spending and credit. It may, but if it does it will take many years. It is impossible to have an unemployment rate close to 10 percent or more (and rising) and have consumer spending sufficiently strong to drive the world's largest economy. It's a nice dream, but has little to do with reality.

When the real gross domestic product (goods and services, located in the U.S., produced from labor and property) decreases at an annual rate of 5.5 percent in the first quarter of 2009, and decreased 6.3 percent during the final quarter of 2008, people are not going to rush to Macy's or Bloomie's or Nordie's - or even J.C. Penny's or Wal-Mart - to spend money. Those kinds of decreases in GDP shout "job losses!" People don't spend or go into debt when they are concerned about their source of income.

I believe the biggest negative currently impacting the American economy is lost trust. Americans no longer trust their government. That, in my opinion, is the most under-estimated problem we have today!

Liberals strongly support the non-productive at the cost of the productive. The non-productive are a major portion of the liberal voter base and must be supported… maintained. They don’t understand that when taxes become too burdensome on the productive, lifestyle costs are cut. It’s easier to cut consumer lifestyle than run like a rodent in a metal exercise ring. When that happens, spending comes to a halt. The GDP falters when sales tumble. Manufacturing tumbles when sales go down. More jobs are lost. Add a still unstable real estate market and you see the picture.

This Administration places too little emphasis on and gives too few rewards for productivity. In fact, in today's environment, to be rewarded by government one must become a drain on society. Then, you get help with your mortgage, your credit card, your car payment. You'll soon get free health care, too. It won't be good, but it will be free - at least it will be free for those who do not pay taxes into the system. It will be a terrible burden for productive people who do pay taxes. And, consumer spending and credit usage then decrease even more.

Why do we mistrust government? Let me count the ways. It starts with traditional banking regulations written after the Great Depression to protect Americans from another economic holocaust. It continues onward in history to re-written financial services regulations that benefit Goldman Sachs, et al. We need Glass Steagall back. Commercial banks need to be commercial banks again. Investment banks need to stay in their own ballpark and leave credit to commercial bankers. The commercial banking industry needs to earn its profits from credit, not from investing depositor money in derivatives - or, anything else. The practice of creating fiat currency by making bank loans - fractional reserve banking - needs to be stopped.

We need to downsize the Federal Reserve, not give it more responsibility or make it bigger. 

It’s a privately-owned organization. Bankers own a large part of the Fed. The bigger the bank is, the bigger the ownership position. The Fed is a vendor, selling its services to government. 

It is not owned or controlled by the government! However, a good argument can be made that precisely the reverse is true.

Thus, those that are regulated (banks and brokers) will be overseen by the Fed (owned by bankers and brokers) and, thus, bankers and brokers will be regulating themselves. Boy! Does that sound like a convenient way to avoid discovering the fraudulent behavior that caused the crisis? In fact, it doesn't even sound like a good way to avoid another crisis!

We mistrust government because most of us know that the "too big to fail" banks should never have been allowed to get so big. We know that if people had been doing their jobs, they would not have been allowed to get so fat. "Too big" banks have become so complex it’s extremely difficult to unwind the complexities. It's "too complex," not "too big", that causes the problems. It isn't asset size. It's the impossibility of figuring out what these behemoths do with their assets and how they do it. That’s why they can’t fail.

If regulators had been doing their jobs, this mess would have been caught long before reaching crisis proportions. If ratings agencies knew how to do or had been doing their jobs, derivatives leveraged by investment banks so many times it makes one dizzy figuring out how they did it, would never have been sold. Trillions of dollars of losses would have been avoided.

Those who do not understand the importance of something as simple as the "uptick" rule and did not oppose its demise don't know enough to regulate the financial services industry. It may have been the SEC's responsibility, but the Fed could have said "stop" any time.

It appears that the Fed lost control of the currency and money supply several years ago. If it cannot properly oversee traditional, defined responsibilities - currency and money supply - why is the Fed's authority being expanded? Most people - who don't know the first thing about banks other than that's where you go to get a car loan, a checking account and a credit card - realize this is not just bad, it's stupid. Everyone knows President Obama isn't stupid - every newspaper in the world has told them so. Even Glenn Beck says he’s brilliant.

Unreasoned, illogical behavior motivates distrust.

People are suddenly aware that Constitutional rights granted by our American Republic - we are not a democracy - are being badly abused. These people haven't thought about their Constitutional rights in years. They just assumed they would always "be there." They are learning freedom isn't free.

It is true that most current economic problems were inherited by the Obama Administration. However, his proffered solutions are not inherited. They represent the administration making them. The recommended solutions belong solely to this administration. And, large stimulus packages utilized to pay the costs of illegal aliens and to reward the behavior of the willingly non-productive do not motivate trust.

There are some projects that return more to an economy than others. Projects like high speed rail stimulate the economy, especially when no tax dollars are used to develop it. Joe Biden was right about the bullet trains being a priority. The question Vice President Biden didn't answer is whether taxpayer dollars or private capital should fund the project.

It's meaningful in more than a dollar sense. It's meaningful to consumers, too. When private capital builds something, it goes where consumers who will pay to use it are found. When government builds something, it goes where government wants to go which may, or may not, be where it will receive the greatest usage or support. That's a giant reason why government projects so often fail.

The question is not: How can government spend money to create jobs (the effort for which now appears it will require yet another stimulus package)? The question is: What can government do to create an environment that motivates private industry to invest dollars rebuilding America's infrastructure?

Until Americans once again have reason to trust their government, the economy is going nowhere.

(c) 2009 Marilyn M. Barnewall - All Rights Reserved