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Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall began her career as a journalist with the Wyoming Eagle in Cheyenne. During her 20 year banking career, she wrote extensively for The American Banker, Bank Marketing Magazine, Trust Marketing Magazine, and other major industry publications. The American Bankers Association (ABA) published Barnewall’s Profitable Private Banking: the Complete Blueprint, in 1987. She taught private banking at Colorado University for the ABA and trained private bankers in Singapore.

Sunday, November 08, 2015



By Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall
November 8, 2015

We have a large group that believes only “Black Lives Matter.” We have political candidates who apologize for saying white lives matter, too. One is not just a politician... he’s a former governor running for the presidency.

We have another presidential candidate who is a declared socialist... a popular candidate. He’s popular because dumbed-down Americans haven’t got a real clue as to what socialism is. Americans are so uninformed they think freedom exists even in a socialist state. He wants to give kids – probably all kids from all nations because, after all, he’s a socialist – a free college education. No thought is given to what that would do to the already suffering state of America’s institutions of higher learning. No thought is given as to how to pay for it. Certainly no CNN announcer asked about how to pay for it during the Democrat Presidential Debate.

We have a third candidate who, when the public is asked to describe her, the first words out of a majority of American mouths are “liar” or “untrustworthy.” Yet a large number of voters say she’d make a good President. How stupid can people be? She is obviously guilty of criminal behavior that should have put her behind bars long ago... and she is the more popular of the three Democrat candidates who think she would be a honest president.

Thus, my question: Aside from military strength (which has not been constitutionally implemented since World War II), does America matter?

We have a President of the United States who doesn’t qualify for his position as a natural born (Constitutional as decided by the Supreme Court) American who has committed offenses against the American people that make him a good candidate for charges of Impeachment (if not treason). He has bowed to Muslim leaders with apologies for America’s greatness – and he’s done all within his power to remove what greatness we once had. He has given a Muslim nation access to nuclear weapons when that nation’s citizens once kidnapped Americans from their Embassy and held them for over a year in a highly abusive terrorist environment. Today they chant “Death to America” on the streets of Teheran. Obviously they are just the radical people to whom we should give the power to destroy us!

This same President has stolen money from the Social Security “lock-box” and removed tax dollars paid into the fund (to be used only for Social Security recipients) and made billions of dollars available to illegal aliens. Seniors dependent on Social Security will get no cost-of-living increase in 2016 because of the theft. He has ruined the finest health care system in the world and used Medicare funds to support what he considers his “legacy.” Obamacare is such a disaster it is an apt legacy for this disaster of a President.

Our veterans cannot get health care at VA hospitals – but illegals have access to Medicare. I have a friend in Georgia who had 2/3 of her colon removed 18 months ago because of colon cancer. She cannot get Medicare (federal) or Medicaid (state), cannot get disability, cannot get any access to any medical treatment or benefits. She has been unable to see a physician since her surgery because she has no income and no benefits... but bet your bottom dollar that the millions of illegals in Georgia don’t have trouble getting benefits – her benefits.

If I sound angry, I am.

Until recently we had a United States Attorney General who thinks it is okay to prosecute voter intimidation cases when the intimidator is white, but not when the intimidator is black. A bunch of big guys swinging clubs in front of a voting precinct didn’t bother either the Attorney General or the President... both of whom supported protesters turned rioters in Ferguson, MO. They support the unlawful actions of Baltimore’s mayor and prosecutor when a man with an arrest record longer than your arm died in a police van and the police are charged with murdering the law breaker.

We have people who think it is okay to stay home and accept welfare – or, extended unemployment benefits – rather than look for a job. They willingly put their hand in their neighbor’s pocket to pay for it. Many of them say they’re Christians but obviously don’t know what the word “covet” means (it means putting your hand in your neighbor’s pocket to take what’s theirs so you can have yours – see the Ten Commandments for clarification). Women think it’s okay to have a child every year to increase their welfare check – and they, too, put their hands in the pockets of their working neighbors. Or, if it’s inconvenient to have the baby they can kill it while it’s still in the womb.

Where is the compassion for the productive people of our society? And our problems have far less to do with race and far more to do with the productive versus the non-productive. I have for many years thought we are in an undeclared Civil War in America. That war is being fought between the productive and the non-productive.

We have employers who think it’s okay to hire illegals because they work for less pay and the employer has no unemployment or Social Security taxes to pay for illegal workers. Illegals rent a house intended for one family and slum landlords turn their heads while ten families live there. Illegals send their money to a Latin American or other nations... it’s not spent in America. It does not stimulate our economy. Instead, income sent from landed aliens, both legal and illegal, is the second highest source of income in Mexico.

No Social Security, unemployment insurance and state and federal taxes are withheld from illegal paychecks yet they are given access to Social Security, health, unemployment and other costly services. The useful idiots will tell you that illegals make an economic contribution to our society but the numbers say that for every dollar they put into the system, they take $3 out in unearned benefits. and entitlement spending is what is bankrupting the nation. Our politicians know this so bankruptcy must be something they want to achieve.

Churches push collectivist and socialist ideals from the pulpit when the very core of Christ’s teaching was self-responsibility and individuality. They teach that to love thy neighbor means prostrating yourself and being used as a rug rather than setting a good example of how to be successful and teaching others how to do it. Which ideology better expresses love? Love is not romance. It is commitment to another’s happiness and well-being. Do you think people stuck in poverty due to welfare benefits are happy? No. They’re out protesting and rioting because they have nothing better to do.

We have corporations that are so impressed with their international status that they have no sense their success came to them only because their roots are American. They have no sense of responsibility or gratitude to this country. And we have politicians who want to continue giving them an advantage over non-multi-international companies by renewing the worthless Export-Import Bank.

Politicians (and a lot of their Christian constituents) want amnesty for illegals. “After all,” liberals (and many Republicans) weep, “illegals have lived here a long time and it would be cruel to send them back to Mexico or to separate them from their children!”

What’s cruel is their illegal entry into our country. What’s cruel is the diseases they bring into our country... diseases (like tuberculosis) we did away with in America years ago. What’s cruel are illegals that send hundreds of billions of dollars back home to their families in Mexico every year, removing those untaxed funds from a dying American economy. What’s cruel is forcing American kids to drop out of school and/or have low-quality educations because of classmates who can’t speak English. What’s cruel? Having veterans who have defended this nation die from lack of care in a VA hospital because funds are diverted to pay health care for illegals is cruel. School systems have emerged that favor minority rights over those of non-minorities... of Muslims over Christians; of girls over boys. There is no balance. The compassion for American-born kids and the parents who pay taxes to support the education system is – where? I can’t find it.

We have government employees earning up to three times more than people working in the private sector doing the same job. They tell us they’re taxpayers, too – and apparently don’t have the mathematical skills to understand that 100 percent of their salaries come from taxes paid by productive people in the private sector, but they only repay 0 to 30 percent of that cost to the Treasury in income taxes… a huge net loss.

And politicians don’t understand why the Conservative movement is so strong? Please! They don’t understand that any better than they understand why conservative voters don’t support candidates that come from the political establishment. They thought Trump and Carson and Fiorina and Cruz would go away. They aren’t going to go away. ANNOUNCEMENT TO THE POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT: You have lost the public trust.

So how do we, as a people, unify around all of this disunity? How do we rebuild our nation? How do we get rid of the totally corrupt political establishment?

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