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Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall began her career as a journalist with the Wyoming Eagle in Cheyenne. During her 20 year banking career, she wrote extensively for The American Banker, Bank Marketing Magazine, Trust Marketing Magazine, and other major industry publications. The American Bankers Association (ABA) published Barnewall’s Profitable Private Banking: the Complete Blueprint, in 1987. She taught private banking at Colorado University for the ABA and trained private bankers in Singapore.

Sunday, October 16, 2016


By Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall
October 16, 2016

Did Donald Trump’s disgusting comments about his ability to take sexual advantage of women seeking stardom because he was a superstar bother me?

Yes... but it also bothered me to learn that Paul Ryan’s love life is dominated by liberal women who tell him what liberal causes he must support. It bothered me to learn that Ryan’s judgment about love and women led him to one long-term girlfriend who confessed to crimes of fraud and spent jail time for them. It was a loooong time ago... just like Trump's comments.

If you’re going to judge Donald Trump by his apparent values, you must use the same standards for others because a double standard makes you a hypocrite. As I recall my New Testament, the only thing that made Jesus Christ angry was the hypocrites at the Temple making money off of those who came to worship, selling them doves they promised would gain them God's forgiveness.

Trump’s vulgarity didn’t bother me more than four dead Americans in Benghazi – especially after Ambassador Chris Stevens sent 600 requests to Hillary Clinton for help and she chose to ignore him.

Murder is one of the Ten Commandments; vulgar language is not.

It didn’t bother me any more than Hillary being forced to return $200,000 of stolen goods to the White House when the Clintons left office in 2000. White House furnishings belong to you and me.

Stealing is one of the Ten Commandments; vulgar language is not. Murder and stealing represent actions actually taken. Vulgar talk does not.

Trump’s unlawfully video taped conversation didn’t bother me any more than memories of the murder (or was it suicide?) of Vince Foster,  Castle Grande  (Whitewater), the trail of dead bodies that follow the Clintons wherever they go, and Hillary’s lies about her investing skills – which are different than these other known lies. I’ve read “Thou shall not lie” somewhere... let me think.

People consider Trump’s vulgarity worse than Hillary’s actual behavior? It is said that we get the government we deserve. I want Hillary supporters – including Bill Kristol, Mike Lee, John McCain, Paul Ryan, and all of the other RINOs – to remember that as our country is flushed down the toilet:  Your hand was on the “flush” button.

Trump’s disgusting conversation, taped with an Access Hollywood interviewer named Billy Bush who is the nephew of George H.W. Bush (cousin of Jeb), suggest this conversation was manipulated by Billy Bush, then saved to bring public when Trump decided to run for the Presidency. After all, he spoke of running often. We know NBC had the recording for six months and waited until 48 hours before the Sunday night debate to publish it. Trump corporation’s female staffing proves The Donald has more women executives than men and that these women are very well paid – and logic tells me if he has issues with women they do not involve his business – or political -- judgment.

The new stories about Trump include him forcing his attentions on a woman in the first class cabin of an airplane – Cinderella is more believable! 

I flew first class for many years and know the arm rests, unlike those in coach, cannot be raised or removed. For him to have done what she says is impossible... and flight attendants hover over first class passengers and bad behavior is not tolerated by other first class passengers. A statement that she didn’t mind his attentions as long as they "stayed above the waist" tells you the moral vacuum inside that head (and the other actions of which he is accused that occurred below the waist were impossible because of the seat divider).

This woman’s only flight is one of fancy – and it’s quite apparent. It makes Hillary look desperate! Desperation keeps your eyes diverted from her 30 years of failure in public life!

First they produce hard evidence that Trump thinks it’s cool to use his position of power to seduce women; then they produce liars to say he did it – and it’s a very believable scenario. Except the stories are incredibly naïve. And Donald Trump is anything but naïve.

The taping of this conversation also bothers me because the interview violates California law.

In Colorado or Wisconsin and many other states, it is lawful to record a conversation if ONE PARTY that is part of the conversation is aware of the recording. California, however, is a TWO PARTY state in which both parties taking part in a conversation must be aware something is being recorded. Otherwise, the recording is illegal.

Of course we all expect DOJ’s Loretta Lynch and the FBI’s Jim Comey to jump right on the commission of this crime to make sure it is properly investigated and prosecuted. (Smile)

Bill Clinton has for many years been treated like a son of former President G.H.W. Bush.

We all remember George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton joining forces to collect money for the people of Haiti when they were hit by a violent earthquake in 2010. Most of us also remember how little of the money was actually used for the benefit of that earthquake's victims. People still ask: what happened to all of that money!

As I said, George H.W. and Bill are very close... and both hate Donald Trump with a passion. After all, it was Trump who made Jeb Bush look like a piece of over-cooked spaghetti during the Republican primary debates. Too, George H.W. Bush says he’s voting for Hillary.

The Trump tape upset me and I have asked myself some important questions:

1. What is the difference between being a sinner and being evil? This manipulated circumstance is a perfect example. Hillary has a video tape showing that Donald Trump, like all of us, is a sinner. The information available about Hillary Clinton, however, proves she is evil. There is a huge difference!

2. What do a man’s vulgar conversations have to do with knowing how to create jobs in the private sector? For Liberal Democrat readers who don’t know the difference between the public and private sectors, creating jobs in the private sector means creating jobs without using public funds (your tax $$). Donald Trump has created hundreds of thousands of jobs in the private sector. Hillary Clinton has never created a private sector job. So who do you believe when he or she says they can create jobs in the private sector?

We can go back to the Presidency of Democrat John F. Kennedy and find a man with a very checkered past and lack of sensitivity to women and inappropriate sexual behavior. He was a very successful President... one who also opposed the shadow government that has been running things since after the Civil War. It cost him his life. The answer to the question is: The successful years of John Kennedy prove sexual behavior does not impact a man’s ability to create jobs and be a good President.

3. What does a man’s sexual behavior have to do with understanding the need for leadership in American foreign policy? Democrat President Harry Truman’s well-known loyalty to his wife Bess and his daughter Margaret prove he had strong ethical views and moral propriety. Yet, when it came time to make a decision about dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to save hundreds of thousands of American soldiers, he said “do it,” knowing it would result in the deaths of thousands of Japanese civilians. Being moral does not guarantee you will avoid questionable decisions... nor does having views others consider immoral.

Though Donald Trump’s conversation with Billy Bush is disgusting, it does not negatively impact his leadership skills. As his daughter Ivanka and his two sons Donald Junior and Eric say, he has a unique ability to find the right people to do whatever job needs to be done. It reminds me a little of David and Bathsheba. David wasn’t perfect, either.

Those Republican members of Congress who walked away from Trump have no strong definition of the word “loyal” which is a dominant part of defining “leadership.”

It is obvious that the Paul Ryans and Mike Lees and John McCains of the political world don’t understand how to define leadership because if they did they would have shown some of it during the past ten years and they have not. And that’s why voters are so angry!

The professional politicians are the same people who hate Trump for his stand on illegal aliens – an issue that points out the failure of establishment Republican legislators. It would have never been made public without Donald Trump. They tend to forget that Democrat President Harry Truman, Republican President Dwight Eisenhower, and Great Depression President Herbert Hoover removed huge numbers of illegal aliens to create jobs for Americans. Statistics are available here: Combat Veterans for Congress.

4. What does a man’s conversation about sex have to do with making strong, conservative appointments to the Supreme Court? Trump has told us who he will appoint. When we look at the alternatives of Supremes Hillary Clinton might appoint – even Barrack Obama’s name gets mentioned – it makes apparent how insignificant the disgusting words of Donald Trump really are -- words which were unlawfully recorded in the State of California by the cousin of a man Trump bested in the primary elections.

The release of this video just 48 hours before the Presidential debates was carefully planned.

It was this realization that made me come to grips with what initially made me sick to my stomach: If you want a President who is an obvious liar (or one too mentally devoid of memory to answer many FBI questions regarding her 33,000 deleted emails), Hillary is your girl. Hillary’s famous “I don’t remember” comments were also used during Whitewater investigations – and a faulty memory should disqualify her as a Presidential candidate. She is a woman with a record of highly disgusting acts of dishonesty and greed (she doesn't just talk about them, she does them) both as a public servant and as a lawyer... if that’s your cuppa coffee, vote for Hillary Clinton.

If you want to elect to office someone who’s campaign team says highly offensive things about Catholics – Hillary, herself, has personally said Christians must change their views and behavior – vote for Hillary. She is a candidate who has never created a private sector job and who supports the very things which cause Americans tremendous pain today – from late-term abortion to open borders. If that’s your gig, support Hillary Clinton.
The negative reaction of so-called college-educated women to the Trump tape disgusts me even more than the tape. That you seek security from a woman who will not hesitate to do anything – anything at all – to gain more and more power, more and more money – makes me question whether females should have been given the vote. You are voting (as men have always said you would) with your emotions, not your brain. You are obviously the product of a school system that removed critical thinking and logic skills from our public schools when the new math was introduced into the education system.

No one says you have to personally like your President. In some ways, Donald Trump is unlikable. What is important is that in the end analysis you respect your President’s ability to lead the nation to a stronger economy, a safer society, a return to our Constitutional Republic and the rule of law that flows from it.

Women voters appear incapable of figuring out that the very definition of a nation is its borders. If you don’t have borders, you don’t have a nation. Hillary Clinton has said she is for open borders... the very definition of George H.W. Bush’s “new world order.” That’s why he’s voting for her.

These women call themselves educated. Here is the law that disallows Middle Easterners of the Islamic faith citizenship in America. Have you read it? It proves Donald Trump is correct in suggesting we need to study this issue more before letting unvetted Muslims into our country. Sharia law prevents Muslims from swearing allegiance to anything other than Sharia Law. That includes the Constitution of the United States. Our laws say if you cannot swear allegiance to the Constitution you cannot migrate here.

You’re educated, you say. Have you read what is happening in nations which have allowed too many Muslims into their nations... Germany, France, Sweden and others? Is this the violence you want for your daughters?

Once a tyrant puts his or her boot on your neck and tells you to stop living your faith as a Christian, our way of American life is over. Once a tyrant brings unlimited numbers of people from a part of the world where they don’t even know how to use toilet paper (and bring their violence and diseases to America with them), it’s over.

Over means over. Forever. Goodbye Liberty. So much for leaving a safe, secure nation for the children you say you love. Rather than college-educated women, you make voting decisions like insecure little girls who want to replace the male protection of the 60’s with the government protection of the New Millennium. Women – real women – find security with faith which lives within them and they do not need the protection of Big Brother.

Perhaps what we saw that so disappointed us when we saw the Trump tape is that he is an imperfect human being just like the rest of us.

It is always disappointing to find that our leaders are not God; they are just people with strengths and weaknesses. It is more disappointing to see so many Americans willingly – even enthusiastically – support evil.

It’s your choice.

Is our choice for President of the United States to be made on the basis of vulgar talk or evil deeds? Admittedly many people wish for better choices in both parties, but this is what we've got.

Sunday, September 04, 2016


By Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall
September 4, 2016

You may have noticed, the flag business is thriving! Whether the flags are made in the U.S. or China is a different issue, but from San Francisco to wherever political candidates appear, flags are featured items.

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers doesn’t much care about flags. He thinks it is appropriate to show his lack of respect for the American Flag by sitting on the bench – as he adjusts his black lives matter practice socks which are decorated with pigs dressed as policemen – while the National Anthem is played pre-game.

When I worked for a bank, I had the same right to protest that Kaepernick has as a football player with the National Football League (NFL). You, too, have the right to protest regardless of who your employer is. I can attend any protest I want. So can you. A few people we thought were friends might desert us afterwards, but it is our right as Americans to protest.

If, however, I bring the protest into my employer bank’s lobby, my butt will be fired – or, in terms Kaepernick understands, fried like bacon. On the spot. No questions asked. While I am in the bank and on the clock, they control my behavior. Am I saying my employer owned me? No. Not at all. I could quit that job and work elsewhere any day I chose. In the meantime, a job description told me what the bank expected me to achieve each day. It did not include political protests. There was a dress code. It did not include wearing socks with images of pigs dressed like police officers.

What was it black lives matter wanted to do to police officers? Fry them like bacon?

Kaepernick’s quarterback job description is much different than mine was as a banker, but, like me, off of the football field he is free to support any cause he wants – and there are plenty of causes to support in San Francisco that aren’t terribly popular with the general public. For one thing, it is a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants, the home of Kate Steinle. For another, if you can get in and out of San Francisco without being aggressively approached by panhandlers on the streets, you have had a unique experience. I no longer go there.

The moment Kaepernick takes the field in a stadium paid for by the public and is working for a corporation which pays his salary, the rules change. Neither the public, nor the team for which he plays, support his personal issues with the American flag. At least, they say they do not. The San Francisco NFL franchise signed a 6-year, $114 million contract, including a $12,328,766 signing bonus, $61 million guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $19 million. In 2016, Kaepernick will earn a base salary of $11.9 million, a roster bonus of $2 million and a workout bonus of $400,000. That money is paid to him for his ability to play football.

It's difficult to understand why someone hates the flag of a nation that made this kind of personal wealth possible via the free marketplace it offers and the price paid to defend that flag by so many members of America's military.

In some ways, I agree with much of what Kaepernick says about what the United States has become. Donald Trump has made clear for us how corrupt it is from top to bottom.

I often wonder how responsible for the 20 veteran suicides a day the corrupted government is. These people, feeling such a sense of hopelessness that they seek a permanent solution to a temporary problem, risked their lives for that flag and the nation it represents. It must be pretty depressing for them to come home and find out the government lied to them about a lot of things – including their medical care and mental soundness to carry a gun.

In other ways, I would suggest quarterback Kaepernick find another country in which he can get a $114 million 6-year contract to throw a football. He should find it and move there... show his respect for that nation’s flag. Except: No such country exists. I would help him pack if it did. would further suggest Kaepernick stop supporting organizations supported by George Soros – like Black Lives Matter. Soros so loved his own people that during World War II he helped the Nazis find and slaughter Jews in his home town. He has been quoted as saying it was a very exhilarating experience. You can find Soros money behind many of the corrupt politicians Kaepernick says he doesn’t support... ignorance of facts is a symptom of an uninformed useful idiot.

In the aftermath of it all (after the San Diego game), Kaepernick made a contribution of a million dollars to... I'm not sure what. Maybe he's joined with Soros and supports Black Lives Matter. He's not exactly a cash-strapped black American who lives in the inner-city and he has little insight into the real problems of the black community.

His show of angst to the flag and the nation it represents would have been a lot more meaningful if he had made his protest in years prior to the one in which the team for which he plays is seeking to trade him (only to find there are no takers). He's been with them for several years. Is he laying the ground work for a discrimination suit against the 49ers should they decide to terminate him for any reason? His timing is perfect – an accident, I’m sure (not!) to prevent a termination?

Donald Trump is right about the Democrat Party being interested in black people only as votes, rather than as individual citizens with needs. He is also right when he says if black people continue to vote for the status quo they have supported for from 50 to 75 years, they can expect the same result. Einstein once suggested that to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is a definition of insanity.

This does not suggest that status quo Republicans are much better than the Democrats, but at least they are not so duplicitous as to accuse their opposition of doing what they, themselves, do and have done. History says Democrats are racists:

The 13th Amendment abolished slavery. It was passed with 100 percent Republican support; 23 percent of Democrats supported the 13th Amendment.

The 14th Amendment gave slaves citizenship and 94 percent of Republicans supported it. No Democrats – 0 percent – supported it.

The 15th Amendment gave ALL men (not women) the right to vote. 100 percent of Republicans supported the 15th Amendment. No Democrats – 0 percent – supported it.

The Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln who fought a very bloody and costly Civil War that cost his nation 620,000 deaths to free America's slaves. Their lives, of course, don't matter... they were almost all white. I re-ask Trump's question here: What in the world have the Democrats ever done for you?

Does that give you some idea of how uninformed people are?

Back to my subject: The American Flag.

On that subject, Donald Trump is wrong. I love you, Donald, but on this subject you are wrong.

Have you noticed the fringe on the flags behind Donald Trump? I have – and even wrote his first campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, telling him to get those fringes off of the flags behind Donald Trump at campaign events. I got no response.

Even more important, have you noticed the lack of fringe on the flags behind Hillary Clinton? She uses legitimate American Flags. This is a significant difference between the two candidates. have written prior articles on the subject of our flag.
Who cares about whether there is gold fringe on the flag in your courtrooms, school yards, Supreme Courts, public libraries, the Congress, the Post Office and the White House?

I care. Big time I care. So should you – and so should Donald J. Trump.

On 21 August 1959, then-President Dwight David Eisenhower signed Executive Order 10834. It is printed in the Federal Register at 24 F.R. 6865, pursuant to law. Eisenhower made a public statement about the flag saying: “A military flag is a flag that resembles the regular flag of the United States, except that it has a yellow fringe border on three sides.”

On 28 March 1924, the Adjutant General of the Army said: “Ancient custom sanctions the use of the fringe on regimental colors and standards, but there seems to be no good reason or precedent of its use on other flags.” (34 Ops. Atty. Gen. 483, 485.) Thus, use of gold fringe on American Flags suggests martial law.

According to Army Regulation AR 840-10, 1 Oct. 1979, “the flag (United States flag) is trimmed on three sides with Fringe of Gold, 2 ½ inches wide,” and “such flags are flown indoors, ONLY in military courtrooms.” Such a courtroom tries cases on the basis of military law, not constitutional law, not common law, not civil law, and not statute law.

Title 4 U.S.C. 3 provides that anything put on the Title 4 U.S.C. 1, 2 American Flag -- such as gold fringe – MUTILATES the Flag. This is confirmed by the authority of Title 36 U.S.C. 176 (g). The gold fringe is a fourth color and represents “color of military law” jurisdiction and when placed on the Title 4 U.S.C. 1, 2 Flag, mutilates the Flag and suspends the Constitution. (Refer to Title 18 U.S.C. 242, see Black’s Law Dictionary).

Though I strongly support Donald J. Trump for President, I do not support his choice of flags shown behind him at campaign events. I'm sure he doesn't select them... those who plan campaign functions do. I'm equally sure America's failing education system didn't instruct the planners on flag mutilation and which flags represent martial law and suspend the Constitution. The flags chosen to date are covered with gold fringe. They are military flags suggesting Martial Law and Admiralty Law... and no Constitution.

Will someone please tell him to get that fringe off of my country’s Flag? I don't live under the jurisdiction of the United States Military.

Will someone also please tell him that the best response to challenges by Hillary Clinton during upcoming debates is: “My statements support the Constitution of the United States.” Apply the statement to specific policies, like: “I believe mine is the best solution to the problem of illegal immigration because it supports the Constitution of the United States. It follows the laws set down by the Constitution. What you suggest as a solution to this problem violates the founding documents of this nation!”

That’s an answer every conservative will support and will offend no one – other than communists and socialists who seek a Tsar or a Queen or King (or Pope) rather than a President.

© 2016 Marilyn M. Barnewall - All Rights Reserved

Sunday, July 10, 2016


By Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall
July 10, 2016

...and what happened in the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas, is an apt reflection of what happens when a nation loses its Rule of Law.

We have Hillary Clinton with a lifelong record of lies, surrounded by criminals and conduct that makes her own involvement questionable. We have Bill Clinton who is one of the worst womanizers ever born and a man who has been involved with the Bush cabal since the 1980s... a man guilty of perjury and other felonies, a man who pardoned some of the biggest criminals in the world... like Marc Rich, a world class money launderer (after Rich's wife contributed a quarter of a million dollars).

We have an Attorney General under the Clinton Administration that sends Army tanks to kill women and children in David Koresh’s Waco headquarters. On August 22, 1992, the federsl government sends FBI agents to Idaho where they killed a totally innocent woman named Vicki Weaver. She had her baby in her arms while standing at the front door of her home. The FBI shot and killed a young boy, too – the son of the Weavers. The agent who shot Vicki was promoted, as I recall.

We had a Secretary of State whose greatest achievement during her term of office was a total lack of achievement of anything positive and a trail filled with apparent errors and missteps. 

The information about Benghazi is pretty clear and Congressman Trey Gowdy’s Investigative Committee did a good job of identifying evidence the mainstream media refuses to publish – but no legal action is taken. 

Welcome to the world of how the social order works when tyranny rules and the Rule of Law is trashed. Gowdy, a very popular Congressman from South Carolina, then announces he will not run for re-election. Gee, I wonder why.

We had a Secretary of State who is so incompetent that an American Ambassador is murdered by Libyan terrorists. Three other American heroes are also murdered. President Barrack Obama and Secretary of State Clinton tell the American people that a video tape presenting negatives about Islam is to blame. Prior to that announcement, however, Secretary Clinton had emailed statements to her daughter and others that terrorists were responsible for the violence. Both she and the President are caught in this lie -- are caught lying to the families of the dead -- but when it becomes undeniable there is no media coverage of it. Welcome to the world of socialist lawlessness where there is one set of rules for the elite and another set for everyone else (the workers).

We have an Attorney General who was appointed by the current President and was first appointed to the Department of Justice by President Clinton. The Attorney General agrees to meet with the now former President on her airplane while Clinton and his wife, who is running to become the new U.S. President, are both under active investigation by the Department of Justice. Was this lawful? No. Loretta Lynch should lose her license to practice law over it.

The current President also appointed the former failed Secretary of State. The President wants to leave a legacy other than being the first black person elected to the office of the Presidency. To achieve that objective, the President must protect the incompetent Secretary of State because if he does not, any positives he thinks he has achieved will go down the tube with her various involvements. What involvements?

Start with unlawfully setting up a private email server in her basement on which she sends and receives classified material. Under oath she tells Congress she never sent or received classified material on her private computer. She lied. Director Comey built a strong case against what Hillary Clinton did in his testimony before Congress. There is no doubt it is true... even FBI Director Comey admits it happened. It is a violation of the law and people have been sent to prison for less... but in today’s society up is down, right is left, and wrong is right.

Everyone talks about what a straight-shooter Jim Comey is. Maybe so... but there are a few things about the FBI Director people may have forgotten.

Do you recall the Senate Whitewater investigation of President and Mrs. William Clinton? The Senate was investigating whether then Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton used his position to influence the granting of an illegal loan that benefited the Clintons’ business partner in Whitewater (the Clintons were major stockholders in Whitewater, as I recall). As I also recall, Jim McDougal went to jail over Whitewater (and died of a heart attack while being held in solitary confinement). James Comey was Deputy Special Counsel for the Whitewater Investigation.

Too, James Comey oversaw investigations into Bill Clinton’s pardon of 16 Puerto Rican terrorists who took the lives of 16 Americans and wounded others.

So, Mr. Comey is not new to what is involved in prosecuting or attempting to prosecute members of the Clinton “family.” Comey is “a straight shooter,” say Rudy Giuliani and George Will on Fox News. It’s interesting that Fox doesn’t seem to be able to investigate the news much better than ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and the other broadcasters they constantly criticize. If they did, this information would have been made public at the time Comey testified.

People are shaking their heads and wringing their hands and calling out to God asking “How can You let this happen?” The same people who ask this question are largely the same people who demand that all reference to God be removed from our schools and other public buildings. It is, of course, okay to refer to Allah. The "Get God out of here" people are so stupid it is almost beyond belief. The only people more stupid are those who allowed God to be removed from our society – that would be you and I.

As we mourn the loss of five Dallas police officers and the wounding of six others, as we pray for the recovery of all who were injured both physically and psychologically, let’s apply a little common sense as to why we are seeing such an increase in violence directed at those in authority.

There are some human behaviors that are part of our nature. For example:

1. Always remember that tyrants will do whatever it takes to achieve their objective. They want to delete the Second Amendment and take the guns of the American people. Until they get what they want, we will likely see more of this kind of violence (with progressive Democrats loudly calling for gun control) until the people find a way to combat it more effectively than the government appears able. This is evident in the behavior of George H.W. Bush’s father, Prescott, who helped finance Hitler. It's all about power.

2. All people – rich and poor, productive and non-productive – struggle to have a meaningful life. We have a strong instinct that drives us to make the time we spend on earth matter. Some people make their lives matter in a positive way; some achieve it in a negative way. No one wants to be a zero. We fight to be either a plus or a minus in the social order.

One of the problems we have today is that the definition of plus and minus has been turned upside down.

What used to be good and positive is now bad and negative... faith in God, being productive, being a patriot, respecting the Constitution and the Rule of Law that flows from it all, according to our political leaders, make us dangerous, negative citizens. What they really mean is that people who seek the truth and do not accept political correctness have figured out that politicians get to define what is or is not politically correct and they always define it as something that hides their unlawful behavior and benefits them and their objective of global governance.

At puberty, both boys and girls face tremendous pressures from their own bodies as previously unknown hormones flood their systems. They are pressured by schools to believe what they are told in class (political correctness, again) versus what they are told by parents in their homes and lessons they are taught by their churches. It is no wonder they are confused! Some have intact families; about 50 percent do not.

Many households in which both parents work do so because even though they may believe in God they worship things... they want a bigger house and a 55-inch television, a new car, perhaps a boat... and they want a good vacation every year. So, both parents work and the kids have part-time parents.

Because of the economy our government and the Federal Reserve (which is not part of the government but is a private corporation) have created, many households require that both parents work. It is not a matter of wanting to buy more things; it is a matter of survival and of being able to securely retire someday. It’s an issue of being able to afford to send their kids to college (which is so over-priced – again, thanks to government – it is ridiculous especially when you look at the lack of education students receive).

So kids without parents to teach them the value of positive behavior often learn negatives instead. Today, a large majority of high school and college students see nothing wrong with cheating on a test, for example. They see nothing wrong with their negative choices because negatives are what get rewarded in society today. Common sense says: If you want more of something, reward it.

No one can argue with the statement that if you want a congratulatory telephone call from the White House, it won’t be forthcoming if you or your kids do something special involving non-Muslim faith, love of country and patriotism, something that demonstrates respect for the Constitution, or if it supports truth but defies “political correctness.” The mainstream media, pandering to White House preferences, supports this madness with the topics it chooses to cover... or not cover.

Kids today have few support systems in place to teach them that the choices they make in high school often establish an entire life pattern and if they want a fulfilling life they need to learn discipline... in learning, in loving, in working and in being a productive member of the social order.

We have created a society where people (especially young people) see little or no benefit to behaving in a way designed to produce a safe, productive and respectful society based on love rather than hate. This leads to chaos.

Be careful how you define “love.” In this context, it has little to do with “feel good” emotion and everything to do with commitment, respect for self and others, truth and positive productivity. What is positive productivity? It is contributing to the creation of good for the total social order while maintaining your individuality. For those who believe Jesus Christ was a socialist, you need to recall that His entire message was about individuality (socialism supports the collective, not the individual) – in all behavior. God gave us a world in which everything is a matter of personal choice. The love I’m talking about teaches someone to fish rather than giving people a fish.

3. Our churches have largely failed the American public. They are so interested in maintaining their tax exempt status (which the Constitution gives them regardless of 501.c.3) they are terrified of pointing out to their flocks the corruption of government.
Churchgoers are smart enough to figure it out for themselves, but they are too lazy or apathetic to do it. Some just don’t want to hear the truth... they prefer having their butts in the air where anyone can kick them while keeping their heads firmly lodged in the sand. Some convince themselves that Jesus will save them from whatever is coming – either that, or they rationalize that whatever is coming must be the Will of God.

They forget that God only creates opportunity but expects us to fight our own battles. If that were not so, David’s slingshot would have been unnecessary. He gave us the most fabulous gift possible... this country. Perhaps He believes that if we care so little for this nation we are unwilling to fight for it, then it should be let go the way of Rome.

A  lot has been written about how involved secret societies are in the disintegration of America. One thing we can do right now is never vote for anyone who graduated from Yale where the Skull and Bones group had as members George H.W. and George W. Bush.  And, of course Bill and Hillary are Yale grads.

God bless the citizens of Dallas, especially the members of the Police Department that lost 11 dedicated employees. May He heal those who lived of their pain; may He heal us all from our stupidity and motivate us to do what is right before it is too late.

It may already be too late.

© 2016 Marilyn M. Barnewall - All Rights Reserved